Lacazette, Draxler, Mustafi, Mahrez: percentometer

Plenty of rumors this morning, let me just get some quick notes out for you on the main names. Feel free to send more in the comments.


Percent chance that I would like Draxler at Arsenal: 80%. He’s a two footed dribbler and World Cup winner who can play down either wing, in the number 10 spot, and may even be able to be converted to the center forward role (though that depends on his psyche more than anything else). He’s 22 and has had a few years of struggle with injury since his coming out party three years ago. I also don’t know how well he will adjust to England and the Premier League but with teammate Özil and Per around they could help smooth the transition.
Percent chance Arsenal are going to sign him: 20%. I don’t see any smoke here from Arsenal yet. The player wants to leave but Arsenal will have to fend off clubs like Chelsea who buy up Draxlers for breakfast. Also, Wolfsburg are taking a hard line and refusing to let him go. Arsenal would have to go pretty big to land him and considering he has a buyout clause that kicks in next year (weird), I’d be surprised if Wenger doesn’t want to wait.


Percent chance that I would like Lacazette at Arsenal: 70%. I’m probably putting too much stock in Philippe Auclair’s opinion but something about this player is off. If he’s a top talent, he would have been snapped up by now. In fact, why hasn’t he been snapped up? He’s scored 76 goals over the last three seasons for Lyon. I double dog dare you to find me a forward who has averaged 25 goals a season for three years who isn’t going for £50m plus. So, why the reservations? I haven’t seen him play.
Percent chance Arsenal are going to sign him: 30%. Something is also off with his club, Lyon. They seem convinced that he’s staying despite his public cry to come get him. Arsenal did bid but Wenger hasn’t gone back in and Lyon are saying he won’t leave, it is starting to look like this deal is deader than Steampunk.


Percent chance that I would like Mustafi at Arsenal: 90%. World Cup winner, can play in two positions, quick center back, not bad in the air despite his smallish size. My only reservations are you all, when he makes a mistake how much will we be able to forgive him.
Percent chance that Arsenal sign him: 65%. Rumors abound that Arsene is going to put down £20m for this player. Incredible if true. But Arsenal need a center back, one who can start right away, who can pass the ball (vertically), and who is already a professional at the top level. Mustafi ticks all those boxes. I expect this signing to be announced this week.

Percent chance that I would like Scott Dann: 2%. This is a joke, right? Who is linking Arsenal to Scott Dann?
Percent chance Arsenal will sign him: 5%. Seriously, this is a joke, right?


Percent chance that I would like Mahrez at Arsenal: 100%. This is my favorite player Arsenal are being linked to. Cultured dribbler, quick, plays vertical, can play on the counter and can break teams down who sit deep.
Percent chance that Arsenal will sign him: 15%. Leicester seems sure that they can hold on to Mahrez and they better be sure, because without him in the team they have no chance of winning the League or even realistically staying in the top four. Also, Leicester is probably horrified at the thought of selling to another club in the Premier League. My percent would be lower, except for the fact that Wenger gave a wry smile when asked about Mahrez. Clearly there is interest from Arsenal. Whether Arsenal can turn that interest into a signing is the big question.


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