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The config of the old site was pretty broken. I had to reinstall the whole thing and start over. But don’t worry! All the old content will be back up soon.

Plus new content. Whatever that is worth to anyone.

In the mean time, here’a a picture of Freddie Ljungberg wearing pink shoes.


Also, here’s a list to 10 predictions I made for the future…

Ten predictions for the future.

10. We will run out of fun sized candy bars in the break room.
9. People will pursue non-real commodities like “money”, “pokemon”, and “level 40 in World of Warcraft” using almost all of their real time.
8. The thing that eats Facebook. I don’t know what the next social media platform will be but it will happen and it will be bigger than Facebook. People will, predictably, use it to complain about it and also make jokes like “remember Facebook???”
7. Another Bourne/Furious* movie. In fact, just the two of them combined into one super-turd of film history.
6. The next diet fad: grubs and bugs. You’ll be eating so “clean” and “earth conscious”.
5. Bottled air**
4. Kids watching videos of people playing video games becomes more popular than actual sports and video game stars richer than sports stars. People playing actual sports will be seen as “so 21st century” and kids will instead “jack in” for their daily exercise which will consist of just lying on the couch with some VR goggles on while your fat is electrically stimulated to burn calories.
3. Your favorite people will die.**
2. You will die and you’re probably someone’s favorite person.
1. Lord Trump’s third term.

*Replace with whatever movie franchise YOU hate.
**Already happening.

Please entertain us with a top 10 list of Premier League predictions for next decade.



  1. I don’t know how you broke the config of the old site but I’m guessing you kept changing it bit by bit so that it got progressively more messy until the singularity happened.

  2. Tim, your internal crocodile/alligator finally made it out onto the symbol in the tab (Don’t know if you’ll get that reference from way back in the comments)

    My previous comment disappeared.

        1. Sorry about your previous comments. Re-installing WordPress means I have a lot of config to work on. I put it back.

  3. 1. The Premier League will enter a period of steady decline which no one in England will see coming (like in the late 90s Serie A)

    2. Brexit, Sam Allardyce, and (1.) will conspire to force foreigners out except if they can sing Rule Britannia and God Save the Queen in a perfectly acceptable accent while chewing gum and kicking any fancy dan footballers.

    3. The fightback from the Corbyn camp will force the league to accept Arsenal as the undoubted champions because of their’socialism’ model, a season before Arsene Wenger is banished to Elba, and Thierry Henry rejoices in the successful coup. Tony Adams will mix up his emperors and talk ‘eloquently’ on Julius Caesar, while Steve Bould will grow hair, turn into a rastafarian saying ‘yo man’ as an homage to his previous’yes man’ role.

    4. Mourinho will win trophies, and complain about everything under the sun as he finally brings ruin to the Manchester Empire. At which point, satisfied with having been left standing when a man 25 years his senior is gone from the game, he will hang up his coat and decide life isn’t worth living.

    5. War in the middle East will force Mansour to pick between his country and the city of Manchester and he’ll pick the latter, proving how much he loves the club. But the club won’t love him anymore since he won’t have his nation’s wealth.

    6. Liverpool will become the official history capital of the UK where the motto 5 times becomes the basis of a new ‘Has-Been Liverpool’ TV show sponsored by John Henry.

    7. Spurs will be in Arsenal’s shadow.

    8. Tv refs will be introduced. Controversy and cheating will remain. Motd will end as the BBC falls with the license fee scrapped.

    9. The FA will boycott all world cups to hide that they are shit, but will hark back to their great legacy pre 1950. This will make Wales quit the FA and start the CFA because they now want to compete in the world cup under their Valeyrian dragon name with Rhaegar Ramsey leading them to a heartbreaking World Cup final loss against King Nightsson of Iceland.

    10. Rupert Murdoch will be the king of football, news and England, as decided through referendum.

  4. 1. Football will be divided into 20 minute playing quarters.
    2. Manchester United FC will relocate to New York
    3. The world cup and Euros will move to a 2 year schedule, meaning international football every summer.
    4. Arsenal will sign a 34 year old Karim benzema
    5. Manchester City will sign the richest sponsorship deal in the history of the world with a Dubai owned company
    6. A winter break will finally be introduced
    7. A controversial exhibition tour of Asia and the Americas will be compulsory for all prem teams, taking place during the recently implemented winter break
    8. Arsenal will draw Bayern Munich 6 times in the first round knockout of the champions league.
    9. Theo Walcott will briefly become the highest paid player in premier league history
    10. Leicester will be relegated 3 times

  5. As someone who does a lot of WordPress development, I totally understand breaking the site. It happens, it’s frustrating, but fortunately it’s not that difficult to restore your content… though sometimes it can be time-consuming depending on how many things you have to reconfigure.

    Funny you should mention grubs and bugs… cicada larvae sautéed in butter are actually quite good. My wife introduced me to this delicacy a couple of weeks ago.

    My one and only PL prediction: Akpom comes off the bench in the 75th minute against Liverpool while we’re trailing 1-0, scores a hat trick, and Arsenal end up leading the league wire-to-wire for our first title in 12 years despite being buried by all the prognosticators because we didn’t buy a striker and 10 other players this summer.

  6. Looking forward to return of the blog and some proper Arsenal football. Watching Arsenal players in Copa America and European Cup just didn’t do much for me, except for watching G. Xhaka. Today’s Top 10 list is a good start

  7. Interesting to note the comment regarding the demise of serie a in the late 90’s. I believe the Premier League and the rest of the raqueteers have taken drastic action to avoid losing the world greatest sporting cash cow in handing LCFC the title last season.
    When the obvious corruption in Italian football was more than the discerning Italian football fan could put up with they stopped attending games. Italian’s love the game more than being invested in it purely for the glory, unlike their English counterparts.
    With Sky and BT raising the ceiling even further recently on broadcasting bidding there’s a greater emphasis on getting EVERYONE to buy into the dream that their team can win a title. In Italy they mistook the passion for football as blind ignorance and got their fingers burnt when the ‘blind ignorant’ said ‘fuck you, we ain’t watching this bullshit’.
    Another element of the raqueteering is of course the gambling. The bookies had a pretty good year last year with LCFC winning, it’ll even better next year when the gambling mugs start throwing money at their shitty teams winning the title. It’ll be MUFC handed the title next season, the biggest club in the land whose poor glory hunting fans have suffered enough recently and need a little encouragement in spending their money. Last seasons rigged cup final was the start of the resurgence of that particular bullshit, and Maureen’s your man for handling that wagon.

    1. Interestingly, according to research by Untold, while the rest of the top leagues took measures to get away from the Italian referee model in place during the calipoli scandal, The Premiership seems to have adopted that model as the way forward. ie. small numbers of referees in charge of a lot of the games involving the same teams.

  8. In the first game of the season Jack Wilshere will step on the ball, fall over, and be out for the season.

    Giroud, straight through on goal in the final minutes of an important game with the score at 0-0, will kick the ball straight out of the stadium.

    Cech will let in a shot at the near post that everyone thinks he should have saved.

    Hector Bellerin will continue to improve. He will be so consistently good that people will talk about him as a future Arsenal legend. Then he will go on strike forcing a move to Barcelona.

    Arsene Wenger will cause uproar when he starts sending out teams with literally 11 captains.

    Mesut Ozil will provide the most assists for 3 years in a row. English pundits will remain unconvinced.

    Theo Walcott will release a book in which he reveals he’s actually an undercover agent who’s been investigating doping, corruption and match fixing from the inside. Arsenal fans everywhere will nod to themselves, happy that something that’s bothered them for so long finally makes sense.

    A player will win a penalty with a dive so preposterous that the opposing team will walk off the pitch in protest.

    Danny Welbeck will come back from injury, score the goal that wins Arsenal the league, and then be injured in the goal celebration when all the Arsenal players jump on top of him.

    Sep Blatter will be made head of the FA.

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