shut your whore mouth…

I think Arsene Wenger has had just about enough of David Bentley’s self indulgent whining to the press. Yesterday the old man put the petulant baby in his place, saying:

When you are in one of the biggest clubs in the world you have to accept competition, If you accept it, it makes you better, if you move down you are down, not at the top.

In other words:

No sooner am I done making a graphic up for Fucking Bentley than Sepp Blatter has to come out and call for something to be done about dangerous tackles. In typical Blatter fashion, he gets the idea right but the execution wrong. He says that the refs need to do more. Well, sure, they can give out more red cards when they see a studs up tackle but it’s football’s administration that needs to really crack down on bad tackles.

If Dan Smith tackles Diaby out of retribution and anger at the end of a match and Diaby is out for 9 months. Then Dan Smith needs to be made to sit for 9 months. It’s only logical. If a player intends to hurt another player and that player is forced out for a period of time due to that injury, why shouldn’t the offending player have to sit for 9 months? And then I’d add another level of punishment. I’d ask the player if his manager told him to stomp on the opposing player. If it came out that the manager is telling players to brutalize their opponents, then that manager should be banned for the time that the injured player is out as well.

The added benefit of this is that no-talent ass clowns like Roy Keane and Fat Sam Allardyce would be fired and maybe English teams could get some managers in there who know how to teach players skills.  Speaking of Roy Keane… he admitted that this plan would have seen him off to jail for his tackle on Alfe Haaland.  Uhhh, yeah, dude.  That’s the point.  A pre-meditated, revenge tackle that is designed to end the career of your opponent because of some perceived slight is EXACTLY the kind of tackle I am talking about.  Roy, you are a common criminal and thug who shouldn’t even be allowed to walk free much less have a position where you are charged with the well being of impressionable young men.  And you just know what kind of manager he is when talking about the boot to Yorke’s chest and he says “Luckily, Yorkie’s not nasty enough to seek revenge I suppose.”  Luckily for who?

Enough of that dick.  Arsenal have their own problems ahead of the Wigan match on Sunday: looks like Diaby and Walcott are both out.   I guess that leaves Arsenal with only 4 first team midfielders, so I wonder which 4 will play(Cesc, Hleb, Gilberto and Flamini)?  I guess the only question will be who will start up front with Adebayor.  I’m guessing Bendtner and RvP will be on the bench as a super-sub if necessary.  The one thing I can’t quite grasp is how Walcott got injured playing against… the Colorado Rapids?  WTF?  Why are we playing other teams right now when so many of our players are injured?

And finally, Arsene Wenger has had to deny some rumors that he was upset with the Birmingham medical team’s treatment of Eduardo.  Or something.  It’s not true.  End of story.

Ok, probably a late blog tomorrow as I am going to be looking at the relative success or failure of Arsenal’s 4-5-1 — as promised.  I don’t even know where to start.

K.  Till tomorrow.

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