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Ljungberg goes down injured

Former Arsenal great and current West Ham sick room bench warmer (and part time underwear model) Freddie Ljungberg has lost his freaking mind. The press are portraying it as “having a go” at Arsene Wenger or “ripping” him but look at this quote:

While I was being treated for an injury they went out and found a different player for my position. After I recovered I was given a chance in the typical Wenger way – I was expected to run and intercept and score just the same as before.

What exactly did you want them to do? Play with 10 men while you recuperated, then hand you back your job regardless of whether you are the best man for it, and hold up the progress of other Arsenal players like Theo Walcott?

He just didn’t give me enough time to do it properly.

Sorry Freddie, you had two full seasons to perform and you turned in 4 goals and 4 assists in two full seasons. Moreover, this season with West Ham has seen you suffer multiple injuries and turn in a paltry 2 goals and 3 assists.

Freddie has to know that football is a cutthroat business. Players have maybe 5-10 years of playing time if they are lucky. Injuries happen and when they do teams cannot afford to have dead weight on the roster. Freddie’s salary was one of the largest on the payroll, he was demanding starts ahead of other players because he felt his history had earned him a spot, and he wasn’t performing. Sorry Freddie, you had to go. The only shame in all this is the way you have chosen to act since you left.

I went to West Ham in order to play against Arsenal as often as possible. I wanted to prove that Ljungberg hadn’t had his last word as a player.

And Arsenal let you go to West Ham because Wenger didn’t fear that you’d be a threat.

I feel bad for Freddie. This is a horrible way to end his career. I mean, it’s pretty clear that he’s done and just is refusing to give up and sort of lashing out at anyone and everyone he can on his way down. And after what he gave Arsenal this is a real shame.

UPDATE: Freddie says Freddie never said such things and Freddie loves Arsenal.  That’s better, the world makes more sense now.

Speaking of giving youth a chance, it seems that Arsenal are one of three clubs that are in the running for Cardiff City’s Aaron Ramsey. United and Everton are the other two clubs, with Liverpool reportedly forwarding a bid this morning some time. Ramsey’s the one who will choose the club he goes to, so let’s hope that the opportunity that only Arsenal can offer will be enticing. Besides, it’s looking like Man U will be busy trying to save their want away “midfielder” Ronaldo from “fulfilling his dream” of joining Real Madrid. It’s funny, I have that same dream Christiano (you going to Real).

Arsenal, meanwhile, have locked up surprise sensation Bacary Sagna until 2014 or when he has 2 years left on his contract, turns 28, and pulls a Webster. Actually, according to my maths… huh, guess what? I think Sagna will be with Arsenal for at least three years! It’s a contact coup!

And finally, it’s looking like Adebayor’s stunning goal against Tottenham is going to win “goal of the season.” Want to see the goal in question again? Here:

[livevideo id=8643A453D63B4C57B6C9000720E30A21]

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