Wenger's in a Pjanic

Good morning.  Hey, did you hear?  Arsene Wenger is in a Pjanic!  He’s got his eye on a Bosnia midfielder named Pjanic who plays for Metz.  The article doesn’t contain any evidence, quotes from Arsenal, or even quotes from sources close to Arsenal.  But there is a great YouTube video of the kid.  This is clearly proof that he’s going to buy the lad.

Speaking of kids, Stuart Pearce has publicly stated that Theo’s development is right on track.

I think he will turn round at the end of the year and think, ‘Hang on a minute, I’ve played every game for the Under-21s, I’ve played x games for Arsenal this year, and when I look in the mirror I’m still only 19. My development’s going quite well.

I have to agree.  If you look at Thierry Henry’s career there are similarities; Theo’s only in his second full season at Arsenal.  Henry’s second season was at Monaco and he only played 18 games and scored 3 goals.  Theo has started 15 matches in all competitions (so far) and has scored 5 goals and tallied 4 assists.  I’m guessing that Wenger wants Theo to start 18-20 matches in his second season.   In that context Theo’s development is right on track and I’d look for a breakout season next year.  If it takes a few years for a seasoned player like William Gallas to learn Wenger’s system and settle in, how long should we expect it to take an 18 year old boy?  To acclimate to one of the most fan-demanding positions on the pitch (striker)?


In the same press conference, Stuart Pearce also urged caution over the tackle flap saying that “tackling properly is an art and can be coached like any other facet of the game, but such is the pace of the game these days that if you mistime one it can look horrendously poor.”  It doesn’t just LOOK horrendous, Stuart, it IS horrendous.  If the defenders aren’t fast enough, maybe you should get them off the meat pies?  Or teach them how to tackle properly.  But none of that addresses what I think is the main problem: that teams intentionally put a physical stamp on a match in order to disrupt the pace of the game and that Taylor tackled Eduardo studs up, knee high.  Those are the two issues that need to be addressed.  I’m not calling for an end to tackles, just that they are done properly.

Speaking of cunts…  (I’m going to keep using “speaking of” — get over it)

Marco van Bastard has named Robin van Persie to his Holland van Squad for the Austria van Friendly.  Jesus, the pain killers have barely worn off and they are naming the kid to play in a friendly.  Why doesn’t he give some Other van Player a chance to play and let van Persie have a chance to heal?  I have a bad feeling about this.  The only bright side is that Theo is back in the team and when van Persie is injured again it just means more time for Theo!

Speaking of playing time…  Robert Pires states flatly that Thierry Henry is unhappy with his playing time (and position and everything) at Barcelona.  What did you expect Thierry?  You knew that the team was full of the best players in the world, many of whom play in your preferred position.  You knew that the Catalan press were the most vicious in the world.  You knew that you were injured when you left Arsenal.  You knew that you had lost a step.  Tell me…  what did you expect?  Maybe you should have taken your ego down a notch and stood aside to let your Arsenal teammates blossom, but stuck around to be there when the team needed you instead of traipsing off to Spain in the hopes of winning the Champions League with a pack of “superstars.”  You made your bed, now you sleep in it.

And that’s it.  Until tomorrow.

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