Arsenal v. the mini-league: remarkable consistency since 2007-2008

2001-2002: Arsenal win the League

2002-2003: Arsenal finish second

2003-2004: Arsenal win the League

2004-2005: Arsenal win the FA Cup

2005-2006: Arsenal make the Champions League Final

2006-2007: Arsenal’s last season with Henry

2007-2008: Arsenal nearly win the League, Eduardo’s leg broken by Taylor

2008-2009: May the fourth be with you, always

2009-2010: Arsenal sell Adebayor to City

2010-2011: Arsenal lose the League Cup final

2011-2012: Arsenal sell Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri

2012-2013: Arsenal sell van Persie to United

2013-2014: Arsenal win the FA Cup

2014-2015: Arsenal win the FA Cup

2015-2016: Leicester win the League

2016-2017: Arsenal season finishes in December

Remarkable consistency from Arsenal since 2007-2008.


Update: here’s how our rivals have fared on away games over the last 4 seasons.

The only good news there is that Tottenham are still in our shadow!

(image from Simon Gleave via Daniel Storey)

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