1/(1+10) = a hard 6

Quick blog today as I am insanely busy.

I did want to mention that good ole Bill Gallas is calling for Arsenal to win all 6 of their remaining league games saying:

What is clear is that we have to win every game — we don’t have any more ‘jokers’ in our pack. We had a lead at the top of the League, so we were allowed maybe one joker, but we have used that now so we can’t slip up again.

Yes, William, you must now roll a hard 6 and hope that Man U and Chelsea both come up craps in order to win the league. If Arsenal win every match, Chelsea beats Man U and both Chelsea and Man U get one more draw, then the title is in Arsenal’s hands.  I’ve seen titles slip away from teams before so it is possible, but in their current form, even the casual observer would have to admit it looks highly unlikely that Man U will lose two matches and draw a third.  If Hamster Cock were to go down injured the odds would go way up, but I’d hate to win the league because Ronaldo got injured.

What am I saying??  Fuck that, if Ronaldo got injured it’s part of the game, just like Eduardo, Rosicky, van Persie, Diaby, and Sagna have all gone down at this crucial time.  And so, while I’m not calling for someone to injure him or wishing it upon him, I would be ecstatic id Arsenal won the League.

First thing’s first, get past the Liverpudlians.  Ahead of the League game tomorrow, Rafa has revealed that he will be rotating the entire squad.  Rotating… hmmm… I believe this means that he will be turning them into a pumpkin or something, I dunno.   I do know that Mascherano is out, suffering a two match additional ban for being a complete cunt about leaving the pitch.   Too bad, I’d like to see Cesc run circles around him again.

As for the Arsenal, they are missing all of the players listed above.  Yep, in the shock of the season, van Persie is out again.  Which is a real shame because when he’s healthy he’s one of those “sparkle” players that every team needs.  Oh well, I guess the only way to see him play is in YouTube videos.

As for signings, Arsenal have revealed that they signed Almunia, Merida, and Flamini.  Ok, they haven’t signed Flamini, but Cesc just KNOWS that the Flamster will sign.  Maybe they share the same telepathy that Bobblekopf and Keanegofuckyourself claim to have.

Tomorrow’s match is on Setanta here in the states, and even though it’s a 7am kickoff, Doyle’s is delaying the match until 9.

I think next year I’m just going to go ahead and buy the Setanta package and build myself a DVR so that I can see and record all of the matches at home.  What with the baby on the way and all.

Quick blog my Arse…  Hasta Manana

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