Strange days indeed

Good morning — ugh.  I slept poorly last night and so you get an early blog. Huzzah, plbbbt.

Theres some odd news in the transfer market today as it looks like Arsenal are refusing to let want away Diarra leave and some unknown force (the ghost of Seaman past!) is keeping Jens from leaving as well.

First, the Daily Mail is reporting that Arsenal have rejected a £4m bid from Tottenham for Diarra. The article points out that this is the second player to slip through Spurs’ fingers during the transfer window; top four squad indeed.

Even though Arsenal paid £2m for him this is the right thing to do. Spuds need midfielders (oh god, especially holding midfielders) and the last thing Arsenal should do is help an old rival get a solid midfield engine — especially on the eve of the Carling Cup clash. But more than that, it’s being reported that Arsenal are not willing to sell Diarra and some are speculating that this is because of the uncertain contract situation with Flamini.

I think it’s time to admit that I have a bit of a curse. Every time I break down and buy a jersey for my favorite player (always an away strip with their name and number) they leave the team the next year. Only one time (Cesc, woot!) has this curse failed. I have been waiting to buy my Flamini jersey until I take a trip to London. But after looking at finances and with the new baby on the way, I have pretty much ruled out the London trip and yesterday decided to buy my Flamini jersey. So, if he leaves at the end of the year, it’s my fault. I’m still buying the jersey though, because this may be the last time I can get one!  Do you hear me Wenger?  I’m buying a Flamini jersey.  You better lock him up with a 5 year deal or he’ll be off to Juventus or something disgusting like that.  And it will be my fault.

Anyway, I haven’t been too impressed with Diarra’s play and he’s acting emo by whining to the press about not getting playing time. So, I wouldn’t be too sad to see him go. Just, not to Tottenham. Send him to Newcastle, they are looking like they’ll need a replacement for Barton.

In other bizarre transfer news, Jens is simultaneously being reported as starting for Arsenal on Sunday and moving to Borussia Dortmund. Some places are reporting that he’s holding out for higher wages or something. I don’t know. Supposedly,Dortmund is going to have a conference today to clear the whole thing up. If he does move on it would be the fitting end to his Arsenal career to have his transfer saga marked by insanity and uncertainty.

Enough transfer drama.  How about some great news!? Robin van Persie is supposed to be back for the match against Birmingham on the 12th. May he never spend another day on the injured list! (I seriously doubt it)

Another piece of good news is the fine form Eduardo finds himself in. He’s in such great form that Dudu is promising to score 42 goals this season. In fact, he’s guaranteeing hat tricks in every match from here on out. Seriously though, he is a great finisher and literally the piece of the puzzle that so many of us wanted in last year’s Arsenal squad.  S, good for him for putting his head down and playing his way into the starting spot (Diarra, please take note.)

That’s it for now — it’s good to end on a high note. I’ll update the blog if something happens.

Happy Friday.

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