Calm before the storm

There’s not much going on this morning save that Chelsea have apologized and called for calm ahead of the match on Sunday…

HA! Just kidding. Avram Grant accused Eboue of a worse tackle than Cole’s rash lunge on Hutton. When I read that, I fucking laughed out loud. Either Grant literally has shit for brains or he’s intentionally being a cunt. I’m going with the latter. I mean, fucking John Terry shouldn’t even have been on the pitch after his two footed lunge into the body of a prone Cesc Fabregas. THAT tackle was the worst of the match. And yes, before you mention it, I do remember Fabregas’ tackle on Ashcole. It was a cheap shot and he deserved a card for it. But let’s face facts: Terry and Joke-ole should have both been sent off for their tackles, Cesc should have been sent off for his tackle, Ashcole should have gotten a red (Aliadiere style) for putting hands on Cesc’s face in retaliation, and Eboue should have gotten a yellow card at most.

It was an ugly match, which by my count should have seen 4 reds. But what’s needed now, ahead of a very tense match tomorrow, is a measure of calm and professionalism. Instead, Abramovich’s lapdog goes on to accuse the FA of a conspiracy against Chelsea, even claiming that the two times they have been charged with failing to control their players were part of that conspiracy.


I can only guess that what he’s trying to do is win his team some calls tomorrow. Good luck with that. Seems to me as if these kinds of comments, coming as they are on the heels of a display of utter disrespect for officials and the rules of the game at the mid-week, would only serve to set the referee against you on Sunday. We’ll have to see. It is Mark Clattenburg who will be in charge of the match, so predicting his behavior is impossible.

One of the outcomes of this whole re-flap over Eboue is the possible insertion of Walcott into the starting lineup. Grant’s comments about Chelsea still waiting for an Eboue apology are ominous. Chelsea sounds as if they really think Eboue intentionally did John Terry. Wenger has to be aware of that and may want to diffuse the situation by starting Walcott instead. Add in that the press are all about hyping the 19 year old and you can see why I might think he’ll get the starting nod.

Maybe not, after all, Arsenal may need their “hard man” Eboue..

I just laughed even writing that and I’ll probably have a good chuckle when I read the column out loud.

That’s about it for today, I just want to ask you all one favor: on this Easter Sunday, pray for poor John Terry to come through the match unscathed.

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