it's a busy day

Oh man, I’m hurting today. The Doyle’s Pub team had our first practice last night and every muscle hurts. Yay. Thank your god that I didn’t go drink with the boys after. That would have been a disaster. Anyway, I have a bunch of meetings today at work and a rolfing session at 3pm so I am really really busy today. Is something else going on today?

Oh yeah, Carling Cup semi-final against Spuds. I have to say, that the entire time I have been an Arsenal supporter Tottenham has always sucked. So, while I know that this is a big match, I never really feel like these are big matches. Also, the entire time I’ve been an Arsenal fan, the Carling Cup has always sucked. So, while I know that this is a big match, I never really feel like these are big matches.

Obviously, though, the boss, the players, and the supporters all feel like this is a big match. Wenger feels so strongly about winning this match he’s decided to play Cesc, Hleb, and Adebayor. At this point it’s all up in the air as to who will start. Wenger has already reversed the position that he and the club took just yesterday (that this wasn’t a big game and that he would rotate his players) so for all I know all three will start. I suppose he could bring them off the bench: Ade for Bendtner, Hleb for Theo, Cesc for Denilson. That’s a hell of a substitution. I’m going to say that’s what he’ll do.

I understand why Wenger’s doing this. Arsenal have not lost to this shitty team in 10 years so it’s important, in order to maintain dominance, to win this match. So, he’s pulling out all the stops.

Meanwhile, over at Wet Fart Lane, Gus Poyet admits the whole team are aching inside for a win. They probably feel like a little girl who has braces and wears corrective glasses and has a crush on the star quarterback. She wants him so bad it hurts. So she writes bad poetry and waits for the night that Johnny gets drunk so she can rape him. Let’s hope the Arsenal lads aren’t drunk today.

Finally, there’s a great interview with Spurs supporter James Callow on the dot com. Good for a reasonable perspective of the other side of the coin.

Anyway, that’s enough for today; here’s to a well played, open, fair football match that ends in an Arsenal win.


Oh yeah, one more thing.

I’m kinda disturbed by some of the protests by Liverpool supporters against their American owners. I don’t mind if you hate those two guys because I would be pissed off at them if they bought Arsenal, brought in a bunch of talent, failed to get a stadium deal, and then kept Rafa Benitez.

Wait, what? The fans like Rafa? Uhhh, ok. Hmmmm.

It’s pretty sad though that the fans have to make it about “America” and not about Tom and George. Because if I was an American fan of Liverpool I’d be pretty disgusted by images like this.

I hope I never see shameful displays like this at Emirates: I’d like to think that Arsenal supporters are more intelligent than this shit. Note to Liverpool fans who hate Americans: Liverpool FC is bigger than Liverpool now.

I mean what is going on in Liverpool? Their captain hates foreigners, their striker hates foreigners, their fans hate Americans and yet there’s only one person on the starting XI who’s from anywhere remotely near Liverpool.  Further, their coach is a foreigner, their ownership is foreign, I mean, what the fuck? Are these few fans plus Stevie G and Peter C really this profoundly small minded? I don’t know, but it sure seems like it, and man am I glad that I picked a team like Arsenal.

Until tomorrow.

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