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Hi folks, sorry for the long hiatus on the blog but as some of you have figured out I’m just not into writing about Arsenal anymore.

I started this blog in January of 2008. That was 16 years ago for those of you who don’t like doing maths and in those 16 years I’ve written over 6,000 articles for this site, Arseblog, and others. And I’m, frankly, tired because what you find after doing something 6,000 times is that so many things are just the same thing over and over again with a little variation. Writing about Arsenal for 16 years is That Mitchell and Webb Look sketch “Watch the football” except you swap out “the Arsenal” for “the football”.

What kept me going for so many years, however, were you folks. So, I do feel bad for not saying anything for the last three months. Some of you have reached out to me via email and the social media sites to make sure that I’m ok and I appreciate that. I’m fine. The family is fine. Everything is going along quite nicely, thanks.

But back to the point: you all kept me going with your thoughtful remarks, helpful critiques, praise, and general joy for the Arsenal. I appreciate all of the positive comments and thoughtful critiques down the years.

But for every ten thoughtful comments, there was the inevitable hateful comment. No matter what I did, no matter how my opinion changed over the years, or how many times I admitted I got something wrong there were people who read the blog every day out of pure hate and anger. People who just wanted to yell at me for my opinions and who disagreed with nearly everything I wrote. What motivated them, I haven’t a clue. But as tenacious as I was in my writing, they were just as tenacious in their hatred.

And beyond those folks, who I have largely banned from the site and blocked on social media, the entire discussion around football is fucking tedious. It’s less about the enjoyment of the game and more about scoring points on others. Twitter, for example, is unusable. And especially so for a writer like me who has had 6,000+ opinions – many of which are contradictory – over the years. I could literally say “Arteta is doing a great job this season” and I would inevitably get people who want to argue with me about either how much money he’s spent or call me a hypocrite for criticizing him or Arteta 2 years ago.

Just imagine how utterly annoying and boring that is.

So, I’m not writing about the Arsenal any more. I’m tired of it, all of it. Maybe you’ll see a post here one day. Maybe I’ll choose to write about something else. But I’m not writing about Arsenal.

I have been watching the Arsenal and I have had a lot of joy this season from just watching Arsenal, instead of having to analyze Arsenal, make an opinion, and post it on here. I hope that we can pull off the impossible and win the League this year. And even moreso, I hope that we can win the Champions League. Either would be huge and would be the best thing I’ve seen since 2004. My heart will always be in North London, though if I’m honest, it’s at Highbury and not the Emirates.

For the folks who always supported me, and especially Andrew from Arseblog, I want to say thank you. You all are the best. You’re huge fans of the club, you make our club better, you’re all good people, and you’re what’s needed in the world to combat the stream of negativity that is our modern condition. Bless you all and thank you for the support you’ve given me or are still giving me. But especially, thank you for supporting the Arsenal.

Until we meet again.




  1. Thank you Tim for the last 16 years. Like I said here before, the two blogs I read consistently are Arseblog’s and then yours. It’s a shame you’ve decided to stop writing about Arsenal but I respect your decision and wish you all the best of luck in all you do. Take care and Gob bless.

  2. Always appreciated the articles – keep driving the Arsenal Bluesky community.

  3. So long Tim, and thanks for all the fish!

    It’s quite understandable that after so many articles you don’t feel like you have anything new to contribute to your comprehension of the Arsenal.

    And a thinking person is bound to contradict themselves over the large volume you have contributed – your understanding and perspective are bound to evolve, just as managers also evolve. I bet they too get bored of doing the same thing over and over again and hence the desire to perhaps ti ker with personnel, strategy and tactics over time.

    Initially I read your articles to develop a more nuanced opinion and later to have a variation on my perspective of the games. It is also commendable that you actually went to the length of fetching numbers and sometimes even building regressions for these articles. I couldn’t be arsed despite being in a professional position where I do these things day in and day out.

    Eternally grateful. Take care!

  4. Great last post and many thanks for all the previous ones.
    I loved the opinions but, better still, I loved reading your really well written and thoughtful fan-ppreciation of all things AFC – it was the pleasure that capped off, or whetted the appetite for, the games themselves.
    Thanks, good luck and..Victoria Concordia Crescit!

  5. Thank you, Tim. It’s been a hell of a ride these past 16 years. Been here from just about the start, and I’ve truly appreciated how your evolving thoughts, writing, and perspectives have impacted me.

    Without a doubt, you and this blog have shaped my perception of our beloved Arsenal, and even life itself.

    I wish you continued happiness in all your endeavours. Thanks again, Tim!

  6. Tim, I cannot tell you how often I start my day with just opening up my web browser to type 7amkickoff. I’m sad that you’re leaving but I’m glad that you’re focusing on you. Thank you for all your hard work on this site and thank you for being such a cultured Arsenal fan. I saw your opinions evolve so much about this team and I can’t for the life of me understand the mindset of the haters. I’m going to miss your writing so much but please know that it has been absolute pleasure. Keep throwing those frisbees bro!

  7. Thanks Tim. Appreciate all the work, and I can completely understand. Not sure we agreed on everything, but who does, and it’s good to have a person and a place to be able to have well-reasoned discussions (and yes, Twitter was a junk show before’s a 4-alarm junk show now).
    Best wishes, and maybe I’ll see you on some future blog combining baking and disc golf.

  8. I’m glad we’ve crossed paths via Arsenal and hope we do again in the future, Tim. Arsenal or not. And thanks for the epic sandwich menu project, that was incredible!


  9. I can only thank you, Tim. It was a truly nice rendez-vous on your platform. I hate and haters (!) and the fact that they were part of your decision. Hate has become too visible thanks to social networks. Anyway, I’m glad you’re OK. I was imagining the worst things. Enjoy your life and keep writing! THANK YOU!

  10. Hi Tim, I have never posted here but coming to your blog has been my daily ritual for the longest time. Thank you for all your articles, insights on the Arsenal as well as snippets of your life.

    Wishing you all the best in your pursuits (be it baking, disc golf or spending time with your kid).

  11. Thanks, Tim. I think I’ve been reading your blog for about 10 years out of 16. And even though I rarely commented, I very much enjoyed your writing and respected your opinions. I can honestly say that out of 4-5 Arsenal blogs that I’ve frequented over the years, yours was my favorite by a country mile. Once again, thank you for all the efforts, and enjoy life! COYG!!!

  12. I’ve never commented but I suspect there are hundreds if not thousands just like me who have read faithfully all these years and appreciated everything you’ve done. I’ve become a better fan of the game and my love for Arsenal has grown through reading your work. I wish you the best and I’ll be sure to keep you in my feed on the off chance you post again:) Thank you, sincerely. All the best Tim!

  13. Thank you Tim for all the time and effort you put into the blog. I loved the analysis that you brought. Your blog stood out. The content was great. You technical analysis was way ahead of the curve. We had loads of ups and downs and 7amkickoff was the only blog I would look forward to reading. Wish you all the best.
    Thanks again. Abdul

  14. Hi Tim, I rarely commented because I never thought I was smart enough to partake in the high level discussions that went on here, but I was here everyday refreshing the page to check in on you. Glad you’re alright. Thanks for the great content over the years. Supporting Arsenal became even better after discovering you.

    From a Gooner since 1990

  15. Hi Tim, I am so sad to see this. But happy that you found your solace. I have followed you and visited your site everyday since the conception and it is now part of me. If I think of Arsenal, I think of you and 7amkickoff more so than other blogs. If you ever plan to go watch Arsenal again or go to London for that matter, please let us know so I could chip in as my thanks to your effort so far.
    I have been confused as this period of 8 consecutive wins should make the writings easy. Way easier than the banter era, for which you were a constant.

    1. The recent (~2 years) of good form has actually made the haters worse; they only read the blog and comment here or on twitter to say that they were right and that I was wrong about Arteta or whatever.

      But to be clear, I’m not stopping because of that. It’s mostly that it’s tedious to write all the time about the same topic (football, Arsenal, etc.).

  16. Long time reader Tim and can honestly say you’ll be missed by the footballing community. There has been an increase of hate and controversy online and I can imagine it wasn’t easy to deal with it on here and writing with all these trolls around. But don’t let some bad eggs even if loud make you feel that they represented the general view of your blog. They were a vocal minority and the overarching feeling of coming on this site and reading your posts has been very positive for me and I am sure many others.

    Wish you the best with your future endeavours and your technical analysis and Qq will sorely be missed by Gooners worldwide.

  17. This habit will be hard to change, been used to going to as the first thing when I start my day.
    Take care Tim, happy that you are well.
    If India ever happens to be on your travel sojourn, drop me a note.

  18. Thank you for everything Tim. It may have become tedious for you, but it never was for your readers. You are a fantastic writer, and I believe a good guy to boot. Wishing you all the best.

  19. Tim, I’m very sad to see you are hanging up the pen. It has been such a delight to read your wisdom, humor, and insight over the years, and I’ve particularly appreciated your thoughtful big-picture view of Arsenal as a team, a group of individuals, a corporate entity, and a cultural phenomenon shared by the fans, as well as your observations about life beyond Arsenal. Your voice has been such a unique and lovely contribution to the conversation.

    Selfishly, I hope that you decide to return someday, but I appreciate how much you have given us. It’s a shame that the trolls out there degrade the discourse, but your contributions – and others you inspire – outshine the negativity.

  20. Enjoyed your writing, even when we disagreed. I hope you’re proud of this space – consistently doing anything as concentration-intensive as composing original thoughts (6000 times!) is admirable.

    Hope you’re enjoying that we’re back in the title conversation. I was against Arteta’s appointment, but have no intention of letting matters like who was right about what/when impede my joy at watching the team compete properly again. We survived the banter era together, we deserve it.

  21. I am posting here after a very long time.
    I used to frequent the comments section regularly until a regular reader corrected my grammar. I am not a native english speaker and somehow this small incident stopped me from visiting the comment section.
    It did not stop me from visiting your site, because your articles were refreshing and very well written.
    It’s human to change your opinions but your love for Arsenal and Wenger was constant.
    In my part of the world we are yet to embrace true diversity and accept people for who they are ; your acceptance of your son for who they are was heart warming. I recently became a father and I hope I remain steadfast in always letting my girls be who they want to be.
    Visiting your blog was always a treat, I never knew what I was going to read that day ; bread, relationships, personal struggles, poems, football, stats. It was never lazy writing. You respected your audience and their time.
    I have only written to you once. 28 Dec 2014, I had asked you to write an article on Francis Coquelin because I felt he was the answer to our unending quest for CDM and you obliged in a day.
    I hope the day soon comes when you change your decision, but it doesnt matter if you dont.
    I will be visiting your site every single day in the hope that you do !
    Vassili Zaitsev

  22. There goes a beautiful hearted person. It’s been a pleasure reading your articles Tim. I loved it when figures made you write to us what we obviously didn’t want to hear 🤪🤪. How about the technical analysis. Enjoy brother.
    Kenyan gunner.

  23. Cheers Tim, feels like losing a mate, weird thing to say of course, wishing you all the best for the future.
    P.S. It would be great if you could write one last column on The Arsenal if they win the League or (fingers crossed!) the Champions League.

  24. I was reading you blog since 2011. My interest on watchich Arsenal faded after 2017. Since then you wer main sourse of what is going on. Thank you!

  25. Thanks so much.
    Lead here from By the Numbers off Arseblog and it became and stayed one of my go tos in the Arse-sphere. Nothing but respect for each and every post. Even that one after, I think, the Villa game where you joined lots of us in being ‘tired of this shit’. Living in North London, you blog became a welcome step outside noise, where the weight of a commenter’s opinion was often no more than a factor of their presence in the pub pre and post games

    I’ve always enjoyed reading the posts on both Arsenal and your wider obsessions helped by the smart set of commentators you cultivated and retained over the years.

    Too many sites are filled with loud mouths along the lines of AFTV, ranting and knee jerking without ever taking the time to build a coherent point of view or even trying it seemed. At the very least, you made sure that on your page, your rules applied, stuff the ‘metrics’ and ‘engagement’. I found it intimidating, in a good away, so I commented rarely. If I had a point to make, I’d better make it a good one and make it well. That’s the rules.

    More often than not however, you or someone else would make the same point and put it better than I could, or even more annoyingly make an alternative point just as well, sending me back to the drawing board.

    As I get older, times change and the way I consume football changes. Sad to say my subscription to the Gooner lapsed last year and I just didn’t bother to renew. This one didn’t leave my bookmarks/quick access for most of its existence. My only regret is not buying you something off your Amazon list years back, although I imagine if I had, we would have both regretted it now.

    My man, you toughed out the banter years, trying to make it make sense. From a selfish point of view (one more post!) and because I really think you earned it please bless us with a guest post if this season goes well.

    Take it easy Sir, I really hope you continue to enjoy writing for whoever you choose to bless with it in future, and thanks once again. And if you do ever decide to visit the Ems again, just book the flight, you’ll have a ticket ready and waiting.


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