6 months of disc golf

I started playing disc golf on a lark back in March. My buddy had been playing for a while and asked me and my son if we wanted to go out to this place on Key Peninsula where “they make pretty good burgers, so if it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll get something to eat after.” I agreed.

That first round was probably pretty funny for him to watch. I had the starter pack from Dynamic Discs and while I don’t remember how far I could throw, it probably wasn’t more than 150′. Everything was nose up and landed in the dirt at a very strong angle. This is just how all disc golfers start!

You all went about your lives for the next six months, followed the Arsenal, argued online, hung out with your friends, but I studied the way of the disc.

I have an addictive personality. You know that if you’ve been following me for any amount of time. One obvious tell about my addictive personality is that I have been writing this here blog since January 2008. Oh yeah baby… 15 years. Almost 16.

Yeah, so, long story short, I have over 100 discs now. I have 12 different versions of my favorite putter (Discraft Roach). I have a disc golf basket. I throw discs in my living room every night, to practice putting.

I’ve gone down every disc golf youtube rabbit hole you can imagine. I’ve watched all the videos and I can confidently say that “I’m kinda ok at disc golf”.

Here are some stats for you.

  • I have played 89 rounds
  • I have played 1305 holes
  • I have thrown 4868 throws
  • My lifetime average right now is 3.59 throws per hole (+10.63 over 18 holes)
  • My farthest backhand throw in April was 245ft with a Catalyst (13 speed driver, which I shouldn’t be throwing, lol) it was a lucky shot basically, I accidentally threw a flex shot
  • My farthest backhand throw in September is 333ft with a Destroyer (a 12 speed driver, which I shouldn’t be throwing, lol), not a flex shot at all, I should try a flex and see if I can get another 25 feet!
  • My farthest forehand is 253ft with a Destroyer, this was absolutely a flex forehand
  • My last 9 full rounds I averaged +5.33
  • I threw a -1 round at PLU meadows on 9/11
  • I threw a +3 round at White River (Red tees, all short pin placements) on Sunday
  • These stats are for the last 10 rounds:
    • My circle 1 (putts within 33 feet) putting is 75% in the last 10 rounds
    • My circle 1x (circle 1 putts over 11 feet) is just 35%
    • My circle 2 putting is 6%
    • My driving is 59%
    • My GIR (greens in regulation) circle 2 (within 66 feet of the hole) is 37%
    • My GIR circle 1 (within 33 feet) is 14%
    • My parked (within 10 feet) is 2%
    • My scramble (scramble is making a par or better when you miss the fairway or throw OB) % is 26%

I’ll be sure to let you know if I get any better!



  1. Halftime, and so far so good on the return to the CL. The attack is looking pretty sharp. Hopefully the second half continues this way as it will be good momentum for the Spurs match.

  2. Great great game. So fluent, so progressive.

    I thought Havertz had a much improved game with good link-up play. He is still shanking shots though.

    Trossard on current form, is a more versatile and effective player than Martinelli. Has better vision, touch but maybe just a little less physical. I think he combines better with Havertz too.

    Would have been a nice touch: Wish Ramsdale was put on to acknowledge his role in getting the club back into the CL.

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