Is Arsenal’s summer transfer business done?

I hope not!

Before the injuries started piling up I would have given Arsenal’s transfer business this summer an A- or B+ somewhere in the 89-93% group of business.

Signing Rice was an A++ deal and any discussion about the fee is literally silly to me. He is one of the best midfielders in the world, brings leadership qualities, and will be the England and Arsenal captain soon. And let’s not forget that he wanted Arsenal and Arteta. £105m is cheap.

Signing Havertz is probably in the C+ to B- range. What he brings is the ability to cover a number of positions up front from Jesus to Saka and also to play in the #8 role. He has a lot to learn, however, and unlike Rice he doesn’t seem to be picking it up quickly. One thing that’s been pointed out is that he fouls a lot. I didn’t notice it but he does lead all players at Arsenal in fouls (6) and in fouls drawn (7). It’s super weird to say the least because he’s a sneaky fouler. Basically I’ve never noticed that he commits fouls! Other than that the only stat that stands out right now is that he’s won the most headers of any Arsenal player. I think he’s one who will get a lot better once the left side is firing.

Jurrien Timber was an A deal. We needed backup for Saliba and a guy who can also play the inverted fullback on both sides of the pitch and we got him. Unfortunately he’s out for essentially most of the season with an ACL injury.

I’m also hyped on the Raya signing and I’m giving it an A. To effectively get a starting keeper of his quality on loan with an option to buy is huge. We needed a backup keeper badly and now we have two starters. This is huge for us.

So, on first glance we have done quite well this summer. So, why do I think we have more business to do?

Well, the first reason is that our FBs are still a problem. Zinchenko is a great player but he only managed 23 full90 equivalents last season. And when he goes down, we have to play Partey on the right to get to the box midfield that Arteta wants to play. So, having good fullback backup is essential for Arsenal. We do have Tomiyasu and Kiwior but I don’t really see them as inverting FBs. And while it might suck to buy a FB and start him while Timber is out injured it’s a reality that players have to deal with. Injuries shouldn’t mean you lose your place in a perfect world but if Arsenal want to compete in the Champions League and finish top four in the Premier League this season, they probably need another LB.

I do not think Arsenal are trying to sell Gabriel M. But if we do then we will absolutely need to buy a CB/LB. Kiwior is nowhere near the level required to start at Arsenal – not that Gabriel is starting right now.

That said, it’s a bit late in the window and frankly I’m not hearing anything about players coming in. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen but it feels like we aren’t in the market for another player at all.

One thing that does seem to be happening is that Arsenal are going to sell Balogun and possibly Emile Smith Rowe. Balogun has been amazing and will only get better. If we sell him, I pray that there’s a buy-back clause. Emile Smith Rowe is a favorite target for some folks but I think he’s a fantastic young British player and selling him will also mean that we are a bit light in the backup forwards dept. But if he gets an offer and it means he gets playing time, I wouldn’t want to stand in his way. He deserves a chance to showcase his talent, much the way that Iwobi has done at Everton. That said, the latest rumors have him going to Chelsea. That would be such a huge waste for him. He’ll never break into that team, there are like 2000* players on their books.

I’m not seeing any other transfer news about Arsenal at the moment – nothing from a reliable source that is. What do you think we need to do?


*Only 33 according to Transfermarkt. That’s gotta be wrong.


  1. Squad feels pretty complete to me. In dreamland I’d say sign Camavinga who can fill in as an inverted left back and be a long term replacement for Partey.

  2. In theory it’s very simple 😜…let’s add Lokonga to Monaco, and ask Caio Henriqué…Villa send ESR and Tavares, and ask Douglas Luiz…😎

  3. If Holding goes, I can see them wanting another versatile defender to provide cover and give some minutes to in Cup matches.
    Unless Gabriel goes, which seems unlikely at this point. In that case, they really need another top CB, and where do they get one at this late point.
    I’m going to be annoyed if ESR ends up at Chelsea for anything less than a large sum. Otherwise it will seem like we got significantly the worse end of an ESR-Havertz swap. Havertz might still come good, but he’s going to have to improve a lot to be worth what we paid.

  4. The whole chatter around Emile is disheartening. Hale End boy. It’s not that he has played himself out of the team. It’s that he can’t get a game and given the summer prep that he’s had, probably deserved to get some minutes.

    “Anything less than a large sum”, SLC_GOONER says. I say “over our dead body.”

    The season is long; we are only 3 games in. But Im not enjoying the buzz around Gabriel, Emile and Mikel seemingly ripping up a formula that served us reasonably well. But it’s early, so we’ll see. Im getting the feeling that the loss of Timber (notwithstanding his newness) was significantly disruptive.

  5. I am not worried about Gabriel Magalhaes, he is going to stay, but Folarin Balogun sold for less than Cole Palmer!?!?

    1. Palmer has actually played more PL matches than Balogun, so maybe it makes a certain amount of sense. And I’m not sure we would have wanted Balogun to go to Chelsea, whereas City seem more OK selling to rivals.

      1. I know that PL minutes played is a measure of “experience” — which should be heavily discounted for substitute appearances for City; how often are they behind — but how does being a top 5 scorer in a top 5 UEFA league not surpass that?

  6. Pretty decent draw for us in the CL. None of the top teams and no long trips. We should make it out of the group. Newcastle OTOH is screwed.

  7. Won’t be happy if ESR leaves. Not getting minutes right now is not his fault. He can create, make things happen in the box and we need goals, goals, goals.

  8. Is ESR incapable of playing on the right? Arteta himself has said he plays both wings, attacking midfield and No.9. Being back up or rotation to Bukayo Saka in a long season with CL games means plenty of game time.

    It’s quite incredible that the media and trash papers are so assured that ESR is all the way down the pecking order. He is behind the pecking order on the Left and at Striker only. He is comfortably a second choice in the 10 role and on the right.

    A lot of intellectual dishonesty in the rags and gossip columns.

    ESR won’t be sold unless there is a supernormal bid. And Edu brings in an AM/RW of superior quality and does not mind being a rotation option. Of which there are next to none.

    Same with Gabriel.

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