An open letter to disc golf course designers

Hi folks, I’m new to disc golf (2 months in) and a I already love the sport! What’s not to love? The thrill of throwing something real far, parking a disc from distance, hitting the chains from a long putt, plus nature walks, friends and family, and an incredible low cost to entry! This really has the potential to be a sport for literally everyone but I do have a complaint: could you all (course designers) just get together and settle on signage for leading people to the next hole?

I know that the baskets are SUPPOSED to have an arrow showing people the general direction of the next hole but omg that almost never works! You need signs on the trees. You need signs AT THE TEE PAD showing you where the other tee pads are and even the course layout. I know that UDisc does a fairly good job of showing people where tee-pads are and whatnot but it’s preferable to have the course layout and wayfinding signage in the area where people are going to be walking so that they can find their way without looking down at their phone!

The only other suggestions I have are to also include beginner’s tee boxes on every course and to include practice areas on every course. For the first, I know we can just tee off wherever we want but it’s nice to think about folks who maybe can’t throw far or have a difficult time hitting technical lines through trees. And for the second, I don’t just mean a little putting area, put in a driving range with 100ft, 200ft, and so on baskets! We have one here in Washington State, down in Lacey at Woodland Creek disc golf course and it is one of the best places to practice in Washington. That place even has a technical shot to practice. There’s a YouTuber who uses it as a demo spot for his videos.

Just a little bit of extra on a disc golf course can make a HUGE difference.

Anyway, I love what you all are doing, keep up the good work.



  1. This is your 2nd blog of the last 3 on your new hobby. I’ve got to check it out now.

    Warning: I will hate post on you if I end up liking it and being total shite.

    Spot on about NUFC last blog, btw. Your post and the comments was a great reminder that Arsenal has had so many entertaining, watchable and downright magical attacking MFs. From Bergkamp to Fabregas to Cazorla and now Odegaard.

    1. You’re going to blame me for your new addiction??? LOL. Why is this turning into an AA meeting?

      1. Only if I get addicted and only if frustrates me to no end like ball and club golf.

        Because I had never heard of disc golf until your post.

        It’s all on you, bro…

  2. Have you tried foot golf? A couple of courses here in Richmond. I have played once or twice with my son. Like disc, it’s cheap and fun. Even less talent required than disc golf.

    1. And foot golf is probably more of an on-point topic for a football blog.

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