Arsenal v. Southampton: match preview

It doesn’t matter; enjoy the match.



  1. An amazing match review! I can’t recall another one like it!

    I’ll certainly take your advice, I will enjoy the game.

  2. Here’s the line-up, Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Chambers, Kolasinac, Elneny, Xhaka, Iwobi, Nelson, Welbeck and Aubemayang.

  3. It matters to keep our momentum flowing into next Thursday.
    It matters that I don’t want Shane Long to score.
    It matters that Nelson shows us potential.
    It matters that Welbeck shows that he can still be relevant.
    It matters that we keep a clean sheet.
    It matters that when Arsenal win, I feel good.

  4. Lots of empty seats at the Emirates, it is pouring with rain but that’s no excuse.

  5. I have seen some poor defending from Mustafi over the past two seasons but that had to be the worst.

    1. Can’t argue with that.

      Twenty-three minutes and not one attempt on goal from Arsenal.

  6. I’m a bit fuzzy on religious observances but is Easter in London a two week affair, Mr Wenger?

    1. Why people do things is as complicated as people are themselves. However, I find that football supporters typically follow their team out of a sense of belonging. They belong to a club, the club belongs to them. This isn’t “simple tribalism” because tribalism isn’t simple. It’s a deep biological need for humans. We need to be liked, respected, and show that we are part of the tribe.

      Real fans do it for the hype.

  7. Further matters:
    It matters that I don’t want Mark Hughes to be Southampton’s savoir.
    It matters that Mustafi shows that he be a CB we rely on next season, oops never mind.
    It matters to see if El-Neny can effectively pass the ball forward.
    It matters to see Iwobi can elevate beyond being just a “squad player”.
    It matters to see Wenger doing his Allardyce gum chewing impression.
    It matters to see our B squad break down a team’s A squad.
    It matters because baby needs a new pair of shoes.

  8. Shane Long is not by any means a quality striker, but any team that allows him time & space is asking for trouble. In the first few minutes he outpaced Chambers who only slowed him with a shirt pull, reacted quickest to the indecision between Cech & Mustaphi to score & left Belerin for dead only to be pulled back (yellow card awarded). It’s not as if we didn’t know what he’s capable of as he does it to us so often. Or are our players not being briefed on the opposition, which suggests someone isn’t doing their job.
    Danny had an eventful match didn’t he. Assist, score, horror miss & score again. Also warned by ref.
    Nelson had a rare start and was kicked twice in a manner which both times deserved at least a yellow card, Jack’s yellow about right and Elneny of all people getting a straight red for pushing in the face.
    Whatever next!

  9. Match report, slow start, scored, gave away equaliser, scored, gave away equaliser, scored, Elneny red card. Final score 3 – 2.

  10. Soaking in all of the nuance and complexity of today’s post. 😁

    Jack looks like he’s checked out. Noticed today why I love watching Auba play. He smiles a lot! Looks like he really loves playing. Somehow reminds me of Magic Johnson that way.

  11. Maybe I’m missing something but how is elneny the only one sent off in that incident.

    He moves toward the ball to block a quick free kick. He gets pushed. He pushes back. Another player pushes him. He’s sent off but no similar punishment for the other two pushes.

    Did I miss something?

    1. It;s always the Nice Guys that deceive. He must have something nasty to the player or ref or both. I hope it was something like, “Jose Mourhinho is your reaL father”.

    2. Jez, you’re way too smart a man to try to make sense of EPL quality refereeing.

      1. Like that game against spurs a few years ago.

        Lamela (on a yellow) pushes Sanchez in the back as Sanchez walks away from the touchline.
        Sanchez turns around and pushes Lamela back.
        Only Sanchez booked.

  12. How did Welbz not get a hat trick? I love the guy but he’s becoming a caricature of himself with that miss in front an open goal.

  13. Wilshere was poor after he came on is one way of looking at things. On the other hand, he causes a kerfluffle that draws a red and breaks up Southampton’s flow and wasted some time.
    I thought El-Neny’s red was a ‘ even’ up card unless he said something egregious. They should appeal it.
    What is really a concern was how vulnerable Arsenal look on anything in the box.

  14. I’m done with Jack. He looks lost on the pitch most of the game and when he is involved he’s giving the ball away thru poor dribbles or bad passes. We need to move on from him.

    CTPA – agree Elneny’s red definitely looked like a make up call to me…but I think you’re Jack way too much credit. Don’t think he intentionally tried to break up their flow. Looked more like an incredibly stupid and hot-headed response.

      1. Got it and well done. I hate to say it, but I think his display yesterday convinced me his time in red and white is over.

  15. Saw a comment on why the Ox has been a different (improved) player at Pool from the ‘great’ Danny Murphy. He said the Ox’s fitness was poor and he needed a a second pre-season before starting for Pool. Maybe yes, maybe no. The only thing fading at the end of games for Arsenal is the defense or lack there of.
    The Ox always looked good when he played in the middle for us.

  16. Welbeck needs to do more of what footballers should do: shut the f$%t up and play the game by doing your talking on the pitch.

    That being said, I think it’s better to be confidential than be a handwritten wreck over a sitter. He did score a brace after all.

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