I take one day off and the world goes bananas

Mr. Burton, you were not put on this earth to get it! — Egg Shen

I don’t get it and maybe, like the quote, I’m just not supposed to get it. But I just don’t understand how an organization like FIFA, which is so staunchly anti-racism that they fined the Croatian FA a whopping £15,000 for racist chants directed at Emile Heskey, can sanction a match in Dnepropetrovsk knowing full well that the Ukrainian fans are going to sing monkey chants.

Hmm… maybe FIFA isn’t really all that interested in stamping out racism? Maybe, like the paltry fine they leveled against Croatia, they are just paying lip service to this problem? That would explain why FIFA is looking at holding Euro 2012 in Dnepropetrovsk knowing full well that there will be a sizable contingent of disgusting fascists in the stands tonight and in 2012. I suppose we should give the Ukrainian FA a chance to see if they can control their fans. That no one thinks they will is all the evidence I need to say that they shouldn’t be holding this match there at all, but what the hell, let’s give them a chance.

I do want to commend Emile Heskey. It takes a really big man to step in to a stadium like that knowing that he’s going to be abused by some of the most disgusting morons on the planet. It’s happened to him many times before and each time he’s held his head high and simply got on with life. Could you imagine going to work and having people racially abuse you? I have to imagine my work would suffer and it’s a credit to the man that he’s never let them get to him.

In other wacky news, Sir Alex Ferguson publicly apologized to Alan Wiley. That’s seals it, the apocalypse is nigh. Either that or Fergie realized he might be liable for a slander suit and wanted to nip that possibility in the bud. Nah, it’s the apocalypse.

And finally, barf bag on standby, there’s this lovingly tender interview with Joey Barton. After reading this article, I’m sure that Joey Barton is a wonderful person with many redeeming qualities: a good right hook is just one!

WARNING, reading that interview may have the following side effects: nausea, vomiting, insanity, Adebayorism, and a sudden and complete loss of all bowel functions.

In Arsenal news,  I read that Theo Walcott suffered a Charley Horse, that Kieran Gibbs scored two goals, and that Jack Wilshere was “classy” in the England U21’s 6-3 win over Macedonia. I didn’t get to see the game so if one of you would like to comment on their performances I’d be grateful. The one thing that I do find interesting is how many talented young Englishmen play for Arsenal. Isn’t that cool, British Press? Wouldn’t you like to write article after article lauding Arsenal’s academy, youth program, and purchases as the future of the English national team? No? Shocking.

That’s it for today, as for yesterday, there simply wasn’t anything I wanted to write about yesterday, so for pretty much the first time in 22 months I didn’t write anything. Now, lest you think I didn’t do anything, I did make some new header images for the blog, hit refresh 800 times to see them all.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Tim

    didn’t see the game myself as it would have meant watching on chelski tv here in the uk. The FA were streaming on their site but was nowhere near a PC. Gibbs did score 2 but sadly one was an o.g. Currently enjoying a chippy tea (it is Saturday after all) and the Russia game

  2. I especially liked how Fergie apologised for the “embarrassment” it might have caused Wiley, and then reiterated the criticism right afterwards. He essentially said “I’m sorry I pointed out to people that you’re unfit, but you still are.”

  3. what i found telling was how comfortable gibbs and wilshere looked on the ball. it seems the u21s plying their trade in the championship are more comfortable with hoofed clearance up to the big forward, carrol. at least the 2 central midfielders showed intellegence and just looked for wilshere (who looked miles ahead in terms of class) instead of creating anything of note themselves. the exception to that would be the rm, cleverly, who was direct and industrious (where does he play). unfortunatley walcott didn’t get in the game much but when he did the stadium would buzz in anticipation

  4. I think Gibbs was at left back and he had a very busy game, one goal, one own goal, a couple of assists.

    Senderos is also busy: two goals in a about two minutes.

  5. According to the TV broadcast, England played a 3-5-2 with Gibbs on the left wing. Looked to me to be playing left back, but he definitely was covering the entire left side all by himself in the 1st half.

    If it weren’t for his own goal (which was an Henry-like finish into his own net) he was man of the match. Scored a goal, set up another with a delicious cross and created the final goal after stealing the ball, running past 3 players and setting up Andy Carroll who crossed for Hines to score. Other than the own goal, I really don’t remember him making any mistakes all night. Very impressive performance, just seemed very composed on the ball, not forcing any passes forward or needlessly giving away possession.

    There has to be some sort of football hat trick term for scoring a goal, setting up a goal and scoring an own goal. Like the Gordie Howe hat trick in hockey.

    Wilshere also was very impressive, just couldn’t find that final ball for most of the night. Several classy turns and runs throughout the game. I thought he was pretty unlucky to not have a couple of assists.

    I know I’m biased and was watching them closer than most of the other players, but I really thought Gibbs and Wilshere were the most impressive players for England. Hines and Carroll each had 2 goals, and I believe Carroll was awarded man of the match, but he could’ve had at least a hat trick if he had finished some of the chances that Wilshere set up for him.

    1. You’re not being biased. On this and other occassions, I get the feeling that the English players have 2 game styles in their matches. The first style is their labored ‘English’ style from their club/National training setups. Then there is the ‘give the ball to the Arsenal players’ so they can make something happen style. That’s why Wilshere couldn’t find a telling pass because the ‘bulbs’ in the sockets are dim(wits).

  6. Mr A. Ferguson surprises no one with his apology. Is he sorry he said what he what he said, or is he sorry he had to say what he said?

    Ukrainian fascists, most likely children and grandchildren of the Ukrainian SS who were very supportive of the Third Reich. Faced with the choice of supporting Adolph Hitler or Jo Stalin it might have seemed like no choise at all.

    Joey Barton and the right hook, is this one of the symptoms, or part of the cure? He’ll be fine when Social Services send round a counsellor, they’ll understand his problems, help him deal with the anger, lack of toys when he was a juvenile, no doubt shunned by his peers at an early age, got in with the wrong crowd, influenced by inappropriate role models, lack of parental guidance, etc, etc. Shame, shame!!

    Ireland v Italy coming up shortly, a lot more meaningful that Ukrain and England.


  7. hi love the blog watched the england match our players all played well the england team also had an ex arsenal player and an arsenal fan playing for them thats why we got 6-3

  8. News and notes.

    Senderos’ exposure to Vermaelen has paid off for the Swiss National team as he scores 2 headed goals.

    Fabregas scored a brilliant goal in Spain’s win over Armenia.

    Republic of Ireland absolutely loss points in their 2-2 draw w/ Italy. How does Marcelo Lippi’s team let itself get caught on a breakaway led by the ‘gazelle-like’ Iaquinta in the last 5″ of the game. Simply inexcusable from a ‘defensive’ coach like Lippi.

    Martin Jorgensen criticized Bendtner for his ‘ego’. Just what has 34yo striker Jorgensen done in the world of football. The commentator said he hadn’t found the net for Denmark in years. He’s lucky to be on the pitch w/ Bendtner.

    Song’s Cameroon smoked Togo 3-0.

    If Domenech’s thinks his trouble’s are behind him after today 5-0 win over the Faroe, he needs to think again. When he gets his midfield back (Nasri, Ribery, Gourcouff) he will need to change some of his ‘old’ guard up front for Gignac and Benzema.

    Remember how you would smack the kid in the head who sat in front of you in elementary school. That’s what the FA needs to do to Ferguson after his ‘apology’.

    Thank goodness Walcott suffered a “dead leg” to keep him out of the senior team. He’ll be fresh for B’city.

    Bees have stopped the Mexico game. They’re buzzing the opponent’s net and the GK won’t stay in there. The referee went to look and then he ran away as well.

  9. Could have been wasps in the El Salvador net. They brought in some exterminators to spray the net. The bees/wasps are still alive and we will now have massive “old Trafford” time added on at the end of the 1st half.

    1. If there was any doublt about Schevchenko being finished, those doubts were put to rest w/ today’s PK miss. Fortunately, destiny was on the Ukraine’s side.

      On the other hand C. Blanco can still deliver the bacon for the Mexican National team.

  10. Vela, the only startng striker Aquirre did not sub out finally gets his goal to make it 4-1. He takes advantage of a defensive back header to the GK for an easy tap in.

  11. the Henry header from the past weekend is pure class.

    In other news: Fabregas with an Eduardo goal today, chip-half-volley-outside-of-the-boot? (“a beach goal” muttered the Alsatian, somewhere)

  12. The good news is hat Fabregas misses Spain’s next game. The bad news is that he has to deal w/ a family emergency. Whether he makes the B’city game doesn’t matter at this point.

    Under the category of “don’t bother closing the barn door after the cow/horse has left”: Hleb reiterating how stupid he was to leave Arsenal. Guess what Hleb, we are now better off without your ass slowing down our play. That’s why you couldn’t get the bench at Barcelona. You may be the “Harlem Globetrotter” of football dribble but at some point you have to move the ball forwar 😉

    Pop quiz: Is Real Madrid discovering what Man U is trying to deny that they are both rudderless without C. Ronaldo? Real really needs to let Kaka run their show.

  13. The world of football is completely gone mad; especially FA, UEFA and their big brother, FIFA – the whole lot of them.

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