Wenger spends the money

Want to know where some of that mythical £15m went that Wenger had left over after the transfers of Adebayor and Toure?

Show me the monet!



Like it or love it, Wenger is nothing if not super loyal.


  1. denilson is such a prat he makes me sick if wenger thinks he can win with him we are in big trouble.he makes all sorts of stupidities but he reached his clmax last year at anfield yu have to see that game to beleive how ……………. he is.

  2. Rubbish. Transfer budgets have nothing to do with wages. And we had £40m from Toure and Adebayor not £15m. Last time I click on your link.

    Factually and figuratively wrong.

    1. @Mark, Arshavin cost £15m and vermaelen cost £10, therefore Arsenal has £15m left over.

      The belief of many is that Arshavin was brought in to pick up for the lack of goals from Adebayor and Vermaelen was Toure’s replacement. Although AA was brought on-board in January, he should be considered a summer transfer in terms of financial consideration.

    2. @Mark, Well, you’re incorrect. The budget of a club is based on money in and money out. Whether that money comes from transfers or ticket sales is immaterial.

      Seeing how this simple concept escapes you, the site is better off without you here.

      Cheers and enjoy hand-wringing about player purchases somewhere else.

  3. “Denilson is a prat”….Where do some of these comment contributors get their ideas from? The obviously know nothing about football.

    1. Where do some of these fools come from?, Denilson is a player who can only get better and better,but then some of you new supporters have no memory of the time before Arsene Wenger and the garbage that used to come out of the youth / reserve teams.
      Did anyone here see the master class by the reserve team at Birmingham last night??
      What a performance by the lads!!
      Coquelin, Merida, Watt, Sunnu, Bartley,Treaore Shea these players can walk into the first team squad add to that Jay E Thomas, Henry Lansbury, Nacer Bazerite, hell we have the best young players in the EPL and don’t forget they also won the league and cup double last season.

  4. Steve, you clearly no very little about footballers, Denilson is an exceptional young player and gets better by the day. There are very few who could hold the middle the way he does at his age, and by the way he’s captained his country (Brazil) at two age groups and currently makes the first team squad!

    He is going to be top top quality.

    1. frank please viera was 20 when he bossed the midfield with such astonishing aplomb denilson will never be a player not even at 30 he is useless and if yu can watch that game against l pool ( 4-4) to see exactly what i m talking about

      1. @steve,

        So? he had a bad game, these are people not robots that can perform good in every game, consistency will come with more experience.

        “He is useless” shows what you know.

  5. I just posted the following on another discussion board….Transfer funds and wages are different, but it’s all money (and so is stadium debt, but that’s another topic…) Here goes:

    I know this sort of thing angers some of the people on this board but….If we trust in what the club is doing (i.e. Arsene) then it is perhaps money well spent. For example: Not only did we make 40 million pounds when we sold Ade, but we also freed up 80,000 a week=4 mil+ pounds/year. If the players are solid and help us to success it makes it harder for other teams to swoop in and match their salaries. Many will complain that we shouldn’t reward unproven players with large contracts but, a “proven” older player can get crocked just as easily as a younger one and there is something to be said about not being over-dependent on any one or two or three guys….

    It all depends on our success as a team. I believe it was David St. Hubbins who said, “there’s such a fine line between clever and stupid….”

  6. i am very happy that both of these future stars put pen to paper. I have gotten frustrated with Bendtner in the past but it seems like he is maturing and is not shooting his mouth off anymore. I feel his progression was hampered by Adebayor and i think we will see the best from him. the way he originally set up the goal for Denilison was great. Give the Strikers time to adapt to the 4-3-3 and you will see goals upon goals.

    And by the way Mark, the money Wenger has absolutely involves setting new deals with existing players. It has been said by Wenger himself along with people from the board. that might not be what all clubs do, but it is what Arsenal does.

    On another note, there has been called for a boycott of Amazon.co.uk for the allowance of a digital download of Man U Chants including the “Sit Down Pedophile” chant aimed at Wenger. Not sure if you saw this Tim.

  7. Steve is a complete twat and clearly knows nothing about football. Denilson is a future captain of Brazil in the making. He will be a rock on our team for a decade and is already one of the top midfielders in the prem, even at his tender age.

  8. And Mark is no genius either. Of COURSE the transfer budget and wages budget are related — duh! If you have a hundred quid in your wallet for a night out, does it matter if you spend 75 on food and 25 on drink, or 25 on food and 75 on drink? It all came out of the same wallet. Similarly you can spend the arsenal wallet on wages or transfer fees, but either way it comes out of the same wallet. Honestly, these blogs are so filled with drive-by nitwits.

    1. CAsh is Cash no matter how you spend it. I would rather keep good (even if they aren’t greats) players than take a gamble on someone likely to fizzle out and end up loaned out to Watford or Notts County. I still contend this will be Tricky nick’s breakout year.

      1. @Travis The Septopus, I can’t recall Arsenal ever buying a ‘senior’ player only to have to loan him out because he’s not ready yet for a senior role. We don’t make that mistake. We research players up the whazoo so that we know exactly where they will fit in when purchased.

        1. @ctpa, instead we’ve made the mistake of buying senior players who have turned out to be crap.

          For example:

          Stephan Malz
          Alberto Mendez
          Nelson Vivas
          Igors Stepanovs
          Davor Suker
          Francis Jeffers
          Oleg Luzhny
          Rami Shabaan
          Antanio Reyes
          Richard Wright
          Pascal Cygan

          I think that is why he prefers to save his pennies, do the hard work and make them into footballers. If it doesn’t work out, you haven’t spent $30 million. If he feels he has to spend money on a senior player, he “research(es) players up the whazoo so that we know exactly where they will fit in when purchased”.

          1. @Alex, You listed 11 players. Wenger has been at Arsenal 13 yrs. Most of those senior mistakes occurred during his early yrs. Reyes left in 2007 (eg loan swap for a player we really wanted, Baptista). Reyes and Baptista didn’t work so well did they? We took a hit on Reyes, avoided taking a bath on Baptista and were reminded that ‘senior’ players can still come w/ pitfalls. Molding youth is the fiscally prudent way to go and occassionally you may get ‘lucky’ w/ a Vermaelen or an Arshavin.

  9. Arsenal FC has developed an enviable reputation for fiscal prudence. In recent years we have built a stadium to be proud of, easily within the top five in the UK. We have maintained a vigorous challenge in all competitions and generally played attractive and watchable football. Further we have done very nicely in the transfer market, without borrowing great gobs of cash and putting ourselves in hock, or relying on the whim of some foreugn billionaire.

    It is worth remembering that 12 months ago 40 million could have been invested and SAFELY yielded more than 2 million per annum, now we would struggle to get 200k. Everything has changed, and care now preserves the club and its ambitions for the future.

    Transfer prices have been insane for some very second rate goods. Le Boss will not spend for the sake of it.

    Wenger may buy in January, prices may have shifted by then, and of course Chamakh will be free anyway. We wait and see.


  10. Denilson will play nearly 50 games this season (my estimation) and he may have a couple off-performance, but by and large he’ll be a vital part of the team’s performance, an excellent link man between Song and Fabregas (allowing those two to do what they do best) and covering for either at crucial moments.

    And anyone who thinks “transfer budgets” and “wage budgets” are completely separate and unrelated is naive or ignorant. Arsenal pays promising youngsters high wages so they don’t get poached. That clearly reduces the amount of money the club can spend on transfers, by choice.

  11. Wenger has an overall budget which includes player transfers and wages. Of course profits from player trading are being used to fund these improved deals for Bendtner, Denilson, Ramsey, Wilshere and Walcott.

    Whether these players have done enough to merit improved terms is debatable. Our squad players are on some of the best wages available. Given that we do not match the wages that United, Chelsea and Liverpool pay their stars, we also struggle to compete to sign top players (Torres) even when we can meet the transfer fee…

  12. Gazidis said it, and I couldnt agree more: Resigning our own players is even mor important than new signings. Brings stability to the team, and is probably the reason for the good vibe between the players.

  13. As we have seen (specifically with Ronaldo) when another teams wants your services and you wish to go, the club that currently holds your contract is behind the eight ball.

    I believe most of the new contracts we have heard about since Gazidis has arrived will all have buy out clauses. Guaranteeing Arsenal a minimal profit for its investment.

    Consequently if Cesc wishes to leave for Barca next summer, there maybe a figure contractually specified; no less.

  14. I think the way we’ve locked up the majority of our players this summer has been good business. On top of that Wenger brought in Vermaelen (so far more than good) and removed the elements that took away from the cohesiveness of the team.

    I would have liked to seen some cover come in for Song in the form of someone like Matuidi, but it didn’t happen and nothing we can do about it. Our reserves look good and hopefully the key players will get quality experience in the Carling Cup and some future stars will make their presence felt.

  15. I think it is understandable to compare every DM to Viera but it is also crazy. PV was one of a kind and if fans keep this mentality we will never have a DM because none of the candidates will live up to the standards. I have alot of faith in these two guys. the future looks bright.

  16. Cheer up guys, FIFA has done a UEFA on Chelsea.

    Chelsea have been fined and banned by FIFA from any new signings for two (2) Transfer Windows, i.e, until January 2011, for tapping up Gael Kakuta from Lens in 2007.

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