Go outside

There’s nothing going on today. Go outside and kick a football around. Take the family to the park. Do something, anything other than sit here and wait for no Arsenal news.

While you’re kicking the ball around, think of this…

Joey Barton earned £675,000 from Newcastle for his “image rights.” Which they negotiated AFTER he was convicted of assault.



  1. There’s a cryptic message in the pic, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Who’s coming, who’s going; I’m sure it’s there if I can only decipher it. Does that cloud look like a face?

    A little criminality doesn’t seem to do any harm, our Big Tony A did a stretch, John Terry involved in an assault case, and his mum doing cashless shopping. Footballers and their associates have a record as long as my arm, certainly of allegations, if not convictions; assault, drink driving, speeding, child molestation, rape, criminal damage, game fixing, illegal gambling. There are no prizes for anyone who can put names to these offences! There should also be a separate list for those that short-change paying fans!

    So, does Mr Barton get royalties every time the police check his mug shot?


  2. Sunshine is for losers… real people watch Cesc play New Zealand via a stream from the Netherlands… You don’t need to know what they are saying, just guess.

  3. There’s a wall made out of hay that’s falling apart. No genius to think that the “wall” is our defence, and the hay is our crumblnig players. There’s a blue sky with clouds, which means there’s a bright future ahead, as long as we replace the wall to make it strong.

    But wait… if the wall is blocking out the bright sky, doesn’t that mean that our defence IS the impedement to the bright future? If so, we should be dismantling the defence and clearing it out so the brigt future can shine through?

    And then there’s grass. Brown grass which turns into hay, which is block the skies.

    I’m confused, Tim. What’s the message? Should we be buying Zapata?

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