Well, that was crap

I spent the whole day messing around, walking from place to place and basically looking for anywhere to get free wi-fi. Just like last time this last bit was a waste of time. Free wifi must exist in the city but finding it is the holy grail. What’s worse is that the hotel I’m staying in made it seem like wi-fi was complimentary but in reality it’s costing me £5 a day. This isn’t the end of the world but I probably would have stayed at the place in Russel Square if this place  hadn’t pulled the old “hey wifi in every room” BS.

Hell, I might take the laptop over to the old haunt and see if wifi is still free in the lounge.

I did have an incredible dinner at the Churchill Arms. I  read online that this is considered a good “gastropub” in London as they serve a great bit of Thai food. UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY. I got this dish of roasted duck, red curry, fresh veg, and pineapple. It was listed as 1 star as far as spiciness, but it was hot enough for me — and I like Thai food. The duck was a bit overcooked but that’s just picking bones because I don’t know any place to get roasted duck breast curry. And the curry sauce itself was simply magical. The only warning I would give about the Churchill Arms is that there was some clown in his 5-1 Tottenham beats Arsenal commemorative hat (no joke) so I can’t vouch for your safety if you head in there in an Arsenal kit.

I read in the papers that Man U are the new untouchables, which nearly made me puke my lunch up and that Eduardo is out for a while with that hammy pull from Monday which sucks.

Hopefully I have a better blog tomorrow morning (uhh a few hours from now!) but today was really rather boring.  Maybe I’ll just start talking to people and taking pictures of everything.  Until then.


  1. Yes UK sucks for free WI-FI not even at Luton Airport you have to pay its about time the UK goverment steped in to provide free WI-FI for all in UK

  2. Manchester United beat Fulham 3 – 0 to go 5 points clear of Liverpool at the top of the table. Coupled with that stat, United are now 15 points clear of us.

    If anything is more glaringly obvious, it is that our title challenge is well and truly dead. Our recent form, although we haven’t lost recently, has had too many draws and as I touched on yesterday, 3 games ago, I’d say we were in with a shout. Three draws later and it’s looking ominous. Ominous for the title, precarious for the top four. We travel to Sunderland this weekend and nothing but a win can do. Anything but a win and we are really staring at 5th and 6th.

    So, the call to the team is not to be upset that we’re so far behind… but to start the season from Saturday. We have 13 games until the end of the season. We still have to play Liverpool away, United away and Chelsea at home. At a minimum we have to claw back 6 points on Chelsea and 9 on Villa. Yes, we need other teams to slip up, but we also need to start playing with swagger and style, confidence and ability.

    The re-introduction of Eduardo into our team, plus the performances of Vela, coupled with the Arshavin signing and the return from injury of Cesc and Walcott should give us enough impetuous to push on for the last couple of months of the season. Monday’s game was like no other game I have seen this season. We were incensed, we were passionate, we wanted it. The same again on Saturday is the order of the day.

  3. why Johan Djourou and Carlos Vela should start against Sunderland are:

    Kenwyn Jones will be playing.
    Emmanuel Eboue is our only other option on the wing.
    Well, the second is not strictly true, but if the manager’s pre-match comments are anything to go by then it seems unlikely that Andrey Arshavin will start. That leaves Vela or Eboue and for me it’s a no-brainer. Do you pick the player who ran Cardiff ragged on the left on Monday or the man who let everyone down against Tottenham and has struggled for form all season? It’s not a hard choice.

    The decision to play Djourou should be even more clear-cut for Wenger. The pairing of William Gallas and Kolo Toure is simply too short to deal with the power of Kenwyn Jones needs to be dealt with. In my eyes Djourou is the man for the job.

    The rest of the team picks itself. Eduardo’s unfortunate – but minor – injury means that Nicklas Bendtner will partner Robin van Persie up front, although that was likely to be the case regardless of the Crozilian’s availability. Gael Clichy should return in place of Kieran Gibbs while the midfield is likely to consist of Alex Song, Denilson, Samir Nasri and (hopefully) Vela.

    Sunderland are in decent form and have some nice attackers in their side, so the result is far from a formality despite our home advantage. The major talking point of the day will undoubtedly be the debut of Arshavin and Wenger has confirmed that he will definitely play a part. To expect him to have a tangible impact in his first game would be a little unfair, but I’m extremely excited to see what sort of performance he puts in if he gets on the pitch.

    Like every game coming up in the next two months, Saturday’s game is must-win. Confidence will be high after the 4-0 drubbing of Cardiff and if the likes of van Persie, Bendtner and Nasri can continue their good form then our boys are likely to come away with a win.

    Come on Arsenal and good luck Andrey!

  4. We shouldn’t be surprised at this. Two points.

    First, it is just another variation on the only Arsenal story that the media print, which is “Arsenal in Crisis”.

    Second, ask yourself if you have ever read a story in the press about something that you actually knew the truth about. How wrong was the media coverage? I’ll bet it was off the point if not absolutely wrong. So, if you test the media in that way when it tackles your own direct knowledge and it turns out that it is spouting rubbish, it’s a fair bet that it also talks rubbish when covering all stories.

    Ipso facto. they are overpaid, lazy cowards. They spread filth like vermin.

    That is why negative bloggers are so damaging. Feeding the media ’story’ and reinforcing their own sense of importance and prejudice in an endless and thought free cycle.

    Up the Arsenal.

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