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Arsenal's new defensive midfielder

Good morning and thanks to everyone for the comments yesterday. I enjoyed reading all of your arguments for and memories of the beautiful game, no matter where it’s played. I’ll also admit that I watched a little of the USA – Mexico game and frankly there were some good moments so, maybe I was being a little harsh.

I’m still wary of what I see as the inherent nationalism of international football and I can guarantee you that I will never get up at 4am to watch an international game — well, maybe if France make it to the World Cup final and is rife with Arsenal players, maybe then I’ll get up and cheer them on. What is it the French cheer for their team? Allez?

I especially liked Craig’s description of me as a barbarian in tights. YES! That is pretty much how I play football, like a wild-eyed barbarian killing machine. Actually, some young kid who came to play with us called me a “caveman” because of my crazy hair so I’m torn between “caveman” and “barbarian.”

“Tim the Barbarian” hmmm….

Also, I do in fact have tights. They are called “long johns” here in America and it is customary to wear them when you’re playing football on frozen tundra. Enough about that, internationals are over and the last thing you want to hear about is some long haired caveman running around in tights — unless it’s a new defensive midfield signing for Arsenal.

Arsenal were kind enough to put together a list of all the international action that our squad faced and here’s my executive summary; none of the Arsenal players did anything outstanding except Eduardo. I can’t find anything that explains why Giovanni Dos Santos got a run out but Carlos Vela wasn’t even included in the Mexico team. From what I saw, Dos Santos showed why he can’t even make it into the starting lineup for a Championship bound club like Spurs. If you know why, please post in the comments.

Regardless, the big story was always going to be Eduardo. Even if he only played 10 minutes and just kind of trundled around on the pitch the story of Eduardo returning from Martin Taylor’s horror tackle was going to be headline news.  But Dudu did more than just make a cameo, he put in a half, in a tough game, and was able to set up the go ahead goal. Let’s not put too much pressure on the man but if he can do that on Monday against Cardiff I think all Arsenal supporters will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

After the match, Slaven Bilic warned us all not to get too excited:

It is extremely important that Dudu returned well and seemed to have no moments that caused him harm, he is good and healthy. It is clear that he is not yet in top form but with him we are far more dangerous.

With Adebayor’s slip in form last month (and now injury) Arsenal certainly need a little more danger. It’s the perfect time to get Dudu back even if he’s just playing at 80%.

Arsenal have Cardiff on Monday and a gang of us are going to be at Doyle’s since it’s President’s day. If you’re a local, come on down. After that, Arsenal face Sunderland and as most of you already know, I’ll be in London for the match. I’ve got to get cracking on the planning so if anyone has a suggestion of something to see/do let me know. I know this is crazy but I love pie (meat pie) so if you have a suggestion I’d love to hear it.

It’s a critical time of the season and after the Sunderland match Arsenal have Roma in the Champions League. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be in London for the Roma match next Tuesday — Arsenal could use a Barbarian to slay The Beast.

Oh, and one last thing, the Telegraph put together a list of the top 10 worst managers in EPL history and 50% of them have been Spurs. Suck it, Spuds!

Right, that’s it, see you all tomorrow — I’ve got to slay some snake people.


  1. Bradley of the USA excited me last night, not because he scored 2 goals but how well he played the DM position. He is, skillful, great in the air, strong tackler, excellent positional awareness, and at 21 seems almost to be the finished product. Probably a result of being the Coaches son, he has extremely good fundamentals in all aspects of the game.

    He has been on my tracking radar for the past year and would love to embrace him or someone with like qualities at Arsenal. After the likes of Petit, Viera and Silva, I am tired of seeing little midgets (I know that’s an oxymoron)running around like chickens without a head in our central midfield.

    Bradley and Sasha will provide a great USA central midfield combo for many years to come.

  2. I liked him too Carib, but it’s a giant leap from USA football to EPL. That said, he could hardly be a worse gamble than Amaury Bischoff.

  3. @Tim

    Bradley played 2 years at SC Heerenveen in the Dutch Eredivisie (scoring 17 goals one season) and is now playing for Borussia Mönchengladbach in the German 1st division so he is getting excellent opposition and European experience.

  4. Sure, we welcome back edu with open arms, but i still can’t get over wilson palacios who looks to me more like vieira than anyone in the prem. Wilson could have and should be in our midfield, i’m ashamed to say he was my motm last sunday. I’ve been having a hard time getting over that one.

  5. Barnaby,

    Arsenal is suffering from the “DM-onic” curse post Viera.

    1. We pick up Diarra on the cheap, keep him for 6 months and let him go in January 2008. He is now playing lights out for Real Madrid and France. Played a fantastic game in the French 0-2 loss to Argentina yesterday.

    2. We trial Palacios, don’t sign him and give him to Steve Bruce. He is now showing himself to be one of the EPL’s best.

    3. We let Flamini go for free to Milan where at best he is a backup, even with the injury to Gattuso.

    4. We let Gilberto go to Pana for 1 mill because Wenger could not guarantee him playing time in front of Denilson and he is still putting in splendid performances for both club and country. Remember, Song was not viewed by Wenger as a DM in the pre-season because “he doesn’t have the stamina to be a DM”, and never played the DM position for Arsenal until bith Diaby and Denilson was out after about 4 weeks of the season.

    5. We fail to get anyone in the summer transfer window even though Barry 15M, Alonso 15M, Kompany 7M and Corluka 8M could have been had.

    Song has finally emerged as someone who can possibly hold down the job with more experience.

    Denilson has proved he is at best an adequate replacement for Cesc at the AM position but has no clue as a DM.

    Diaby has shown sporadic flashes of brilliance at the position but seems to be schizophrenic as he can’t decide whether to be a DM, AM, Winger or support striker.

    The rest is history.

  6. Yeah i know CK, but wenger’s ongoing parade of dm debacles is preventing us from making history. Song over Palacios? Unless song is a demi-god in two years, somewhat improbable if you ask me, and no one is but here goes anyway, that may be as bad as letting flam go, it’s going to hurt. We had him in our hands for almost nothing and look at him now? He plays intelligently as well, brave but not rash. Barely a week old and the modric palacios partnership looks pretty solid. If i roll my eyes one more time should we let another one like that get away i fear my eyes will roll all the way round.

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