Oh Christ… Appiah update

It was as if Arsene Wenger heard a thousand happy Arsenal fans and reached out with one fell swoop to silence them.  Because today the boss stated that Stepen Appiah is NOT heading to Arsenal. The manager said the guy is “not on our radar” or some such.

Diaby and Denilson will just have to do.

Please form an orderly queue below to register your complaints.

Update: the dauntless press are reporting that Arsenal are also in the hunt for the 5’6″, 86 year old Herta Berlin failure and bizarro last minute goal scorer Miniero. Thank god for free agents or the press would have to link midfielders who aren’t coming to Arsenal exclusively to the January transfer window.


  1. He’s not going to buy anybody. We’ll have to get used to a thin bench and some 16 year old starters come November or December.

  2. I am not dissapointed by this at all. Appiah may or may not be a good player (I really dont know anything about him). But I was hoping for someone who could be regarded as a star signing. Appiah would have been a bone thrown to placate those fans(including myself) who think we are seriously under-strength.

  3. Well be ok!!! If things go pear shaped, Wenger might squeeze that extra £2mill for Alonso in Jan. But Ram-Dia-Den-Song from Korea will have to step up!!!

  4. I am somewhat gutted, because I was hoping against hope he would have gone for Appiah. Not surprised though and think this is the squad we will have until January at least.

    “Minnie Me” Mineiro is an excellent player in the Makalele role and has been a fringe player for Brazil, just not the type Arsene would even consider. Like your previous post though, I could be totally wrong and have to eat my words. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time.

  5. I believe in the manager we have,and i won’t like my trust in him to fail/fall .The free agent players could be considered as strenght to the team,even if wenger wants to wait till january.

  6. @ Sanity,

    At age 27, not playing for a year is relatively inconsequential. He is at his peak and is way past the learning stage of his career.

    Once he gets back to proper match fitness he will be more than fine as showed by his performance for Ghana in the WC qualifying.

    It’s a moot point at this stage because we are not courting him but thought I would set the record straight.

  7. Sigh. The dissapointment continues, and it isn’t really just Appiah, it is the lack of ANYTHING. I mean, the press has clearly decided that falsely linking people to Arsenal is the most fun thing since sliced bread (a game which can even continue past the transfer window!) but despite this I still keep getting my hopes up (Alonso in particular) and being let down.

    Well something exciting better happen next season, for my sanity as much as anything else. I don’t know, I’m kind of set on the idea of Arsene buying Yoann Gourcuff the minute he becomes available.

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