New away shirts are here

I admit it: I voted against these shirts before I voted for them. When pics were leaked two weeks ago, the shirt just looked dingy and ugly to me.  Yes, I know that they’re doing this in honor of the 1989 title win at Anfield.  I appreciate that.  But after my initial reservations I’ll admit, it’s not a bad looking kit.  You can pre-order one at the dot com but I wouldn’t recommend getting “Hleb” or “Adebayor” or “God” put on the back.

I had to wear my team captain’s Liverpool strip during yesterday’s match and of course he had “God” on the back in honor of Robbie Fowler.  I got a lot of shiat for that by the other team, naturally.  Coincidentally, our team might actually be able to pick up Fowler as it seems like he’s set for a two week trial at Blackburn.  Owch.  Just retire, old man.

Blackburn has also announced that Nigel Winterburn (no.32 on the Gunners’ Greatest Players list) will be their defensive coach.  Maybe Blackburn will try to play football under Nigel’s watchful eye?  It’s too soon to tell.  What we do know is that Bentley is supposed to be going to Spuds for £17m: a portion of which will go to Arsenal.  HA!  That’s justice, as if having a case of Bentleyism wasn’t justice in itself.

In the “Not joining Arsenal” group this morning is a 16 year old midfielder named Tawick Jibril.  I never heard of him, but he does have a 10 minute YouTube video.  In which case it has to be seen as a huge loss for the Arsenal.

There are more stories about how Andrei Arshavin is wetting the bed he’s so excited to join the Gunners… (wait for it)… but Zenit haven’t received a bid from any EPL teams.  At £10m he’s an attractive player, at £20m he’s overpriced, out of shape, and at 27 years old you’ll never get your money back on him.  DON’T BUY HIM ARSENE.

It’s being reported that Hleb has joined Barcelona for £15m, now we’ll wait and see who Arsene buys with that money.  Oh yeah, bye bye Hleb, I hope you find some peace in Barcelona.

It’s also being reported that Barcelona are offering Eto’o plus cash for Adebayor.  No’o, please’e, thank you’u.  Eto’o would demand a huge salary, he’s a whiner, and a dressing room malcontent.  The last thing Arsene needs is that headache.

And finally…  probably my all time favorite player (it’s hard to choose) has found himself at #5 on the Gunners’ Greatest Players list. Football fans the world over have to admit that Vieira was the only player who could ever stand up to (and on) Roy Keane.  If he wasn’t stopping people in midfield, he was scoring brilliant goals or just providing the midfield engine of a team that would go unbeaten over 49 games.  He was an inspirational leader on the pitch and was still able to toss down some pizza after the match.  It’s sad to see him play now, I prefer to just remember the Patrick Vieira who scored against Tottenham.  That was they guy that terrified midfields up and down the country.

’till tomorrow.


  1. Spot on about Eto’o, mate. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more analysis on that point. (On second thought, I’m not at all surprised.) Why would we replace a 30-goal-scoring 35k-pound/week malcontent who runs his ass off with a 16-goal-scoring 80,000(+)-pound/week even-greater-malcontent with bad knees? I don’t see it.

    Keep up the good work with the site. You’re repping us American Gooners in a big way. We need to get you added to the Rocky filtered NewsNow feed, though. (He removed all non-English blogs as a matter of course, I think.)

  2. VIEIRA W000ooooooHHHHHHHHH. gd post. the only thing a dont like bout the away kit is wtf is with red stripe on the sleeve. we never had that in 89

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