Let me show you my member..ship

I’m pretty excited, I got my membership renewal package yesterday and renewed online this morning. Have you gotten yours? You are a member right? If not, you should go sign up.

Membership is the only official (and legal) way to get tickets to matches, membership generates revenue for the club (so we can pay to keep ShowMeTheMoney!) and you get a keen membership package. In my second year as an official member I got a DVD with The Highbury Mystery on it, a copy of Nick Hornby’s awesome book, and some DVD with “highlights” of the season. Last year, I got that bottle opener that said “hurrgarrblemidfield, Thomas!, hurrgargble.” This year you get the 1989 Anfield Commemorative Pack which includes a DVD of the game against Liverpool, a copy of “It’s a Perry Groves world,” a fridge magnet, and a bunch of stuff.

Do it.

Meanwhile, nothing has happened today. Booo! Where’s that signing Wenger? The one you promised within 2-3 weeks back in May? The one from the Premiership?

The only squawking in the press is that Senna will NOT be signing for Arsenal which is a real shame on two fronts: one, because I like the guy and two because I read a lot of football news, covering the gamut from League One to Joey Barton, and I rarely see “so and so is NOT signing with Tottenham” why is it that Arsenal are constantly linked to players NOT coming in?  I think it’s just a straight up press conspiracy to undermine the boys in Red and Mustard/Blue. (Eds note: the author is talking about Arsenal — their new away kit is some hideous Mustard and Blue abomination.)

Now, before you get all excited, I picked Tottenham intentionally because there’s a story today that Diarra is not moving to Tottenham and I hadn’t reached my “5 link minimum.”

Also, did you know that Tottehnam shows up on my Firefox spell check as a misspelled word? Yep. It then offers the following alternatives: Misbegotten, Rottens, Rottenly, Rottener, and Hottentot. “Rottenham” he he, hadn’t thought of that before. Hey, wait… Firefox doesn’t offer the same list of words twice, that’s a neat snapshot of the spellcheck heuristic at work there.

Oh sorry, Arsefans, this is all I have to blog about today. Sigh…

If something happens this afternoon, I’ll update the blog. If not? See you tomorrow.


Upon review, this is the worst blog I have ever blogged.  It doesn’t even make any damn sense.  I didn’t.  Even write in full sentences. I, used more commas, than Jim Kirk giving a morality, lesson, at the, end of an episode of Star Trek.  And… I just plain didn’t make any sense.  You’ll forgive me if I sucked today, I didn’t have any coffee before I started.


  1. Ah, I like the yellow. I don’t like the socks or even the general design of the shirt but I like the ‘idea’ of yellow.

    Rottenham? Twattenham?

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