Don't believe the hype

You know…

I saw the story, went to Nasri’s homepage confirmed that the player was saying the deal is done, and published an article.  Less than an hour later, his web site is down and the player’s agent is claiming the deal is not quite done. Everyone’s sources are claiming that the deal is pretty much done but that Marseilles are holding up the announcement.


The press have skipped past Frings and gone straight to the “G’s” in their never ending, alphabetical, search for players who will not be playing for Arsenal next season.  Today?  It’s Shay Given.  Linking the hapless Given to Arsenal the day after the club released the news that Almunia was given the #1 shirt has to be one of the news stories of the off-season for me.  They could have picked any team to not link him to, why Arsenal?  Why not Pompey, or Boro, or Scunthorpe United?

Karim Benzema is also rumored not to be going to Arsenal, reportedly, not for £40m.  Technically, this breaks with the alphabetical linking of players UNLESS you just call him “Karim” in which case he’s right on track!

Adebayor is still not going to Milan and honestly, the quotes in this story pretty much put the Adebayor transfer stories to bed.

If the club do not allow you in, there is nothing you can do.

When a club says their player is indispensable, there is not a lot that can be done.

Looks like Wenger gave Milan “the answer they deserved.”  I suspect if Barcelona offer the insane £32m that Wenger is reported to be tossing around, Adebayor will leave.  And since that won’t happen, Ade will be in an Arsenal shirt next season.  To help you get used to the idea, here’s some Arsenal greats praising the lad.  “Ade adds another dimension.”  Yes, he’s able to warp space-time, fold himself in half, and appear suddenly on the other side of defenders.  That’s how he scored 30 last season.

I’ll update the blog if anything happens.  If not… cya tomorrow.


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