Oh yeah… there's a game tomorrow!

In all the excitement over yesterday’s press conference, I totally forgot that there’s a game tomorrow!

It’s not being televised (here in the states) because some shiate is playing some shiate and some other shiate is playing some other shiate for some shiatty title. This kinda sucks because I’ve only missed two games all season (in all competitions) and I really wanted to get a glimpse of the new kids. I’m going to try to sopcast it and if I find a channel that works, I’ll let you all know.

Kickoff is 7am (for the first time in what seems like an ice age) local time and I’ll be heading down to Doyle’s for the festivities (yes, I’ll be rooting for shiate to beat the shiate.) I’ll bring the laptop and maybe a few of us can gather around and watch Arsenal on my laptop. Come on down if you’re in town.

Anyway, I’ll do a post match blog tomorrow. See you then.

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