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Everyone fucking relax.

Some of you sound like Man U supporters, assuming that every year should be a trophy, or maybe a double. We’ll all do well to remember that Arsenal have been through bigger droughts than three years and I think some of us have gotten spoiled with all the silverware that Wenger has collected.

So, let’s just fucking relax. OK?

Also, please put down the Football Manager, thinking you know something about who Arsenal should buy based on a video game is like thinking you should be a rockstar because you can play Guitar Hero. Fantasy sports are anathema to real sports.

In conclusion, no one knows who Arsene will buy this summer, except Arsene. Pontificating about it is useless.

’till tomorrow.


  1. I remember the UEFA Cup final against Galatasaray — Arsenal lose 4-1 on penalties, with Vieira missing a PK. A lot of people don’t remember that that final was Arsenal’s only hope for a trophy between 1998 and 2002.

    Also, people would do well to remember that the core of that 2000 team (Vieira, Henry, Bergkamp) went on to form the Invincibles just 3 years later.

  2. We were better this year than we were last year. I have often wondered if the press would be all over Arsene if they weren’t challenging for the title from the beginning of this year. Rather than being impressed with the progress these kids have made, the press has labeled Arsenal’s season a failure. We were supposed to be 8th or 9th and be lucky to be in the UEFA cup, instead we pushed United and Chelsea for 33 games this season. Chelsea and United both spent far more money than we did and still didn’t look convincing in our last encounters. I’ve been saying since August that next year would be the year we see the return of the “Invincibles”. (Let the kids grow up and you will have see a monster team playing every week. Even my mad-dog-united friends agree with that one.) Let’s hope so.

  3. Alex,


    The press love to build a team up and then tear it down. Arsenal already have more points than they had last season and the season before and if they finish the season with all wins, they could easily get the same number of points that saw them second to Chelsea in 2004.

    Hmmm… the press builds you up to tear you down… that might be the subject of tomorrow’s blog.

  4. From the article:

    “Gallas also claimed he has no friends at the club and he certainly won few among the fans for his display on a day when Arsenal’s youngsters were desperate for guidance.”

    100% false.

    So, he trots out lies and half truths backed by opinion pieces from others around the internet.

    Good “reporting.”

  5. I was going to tear him down as a no talent hack too but his work seemed to say enough.

  6. Honest Manchester United Fan’s POV:

    To start, in background, I am a rabid Man Utd fan because my dad supports them and because the area I grew up (in Manchester) is generally a Red Zone (with a smattering of City and Stockport County fans). I am not a glory hunter and, as easy as it is to say when you’re riding high, I would support Man U to League Two and beyond if it came to it.

    Now that’s out of the way…

    No patronising remarks, no insults, no malice intended. Arsenal have a young, talented squad and should strive to hold onto Flamini, Fabregas, Walcott and, yes, Wenger. I have Arsenal friends but they rarely talk about their opinions of the man. In my eyes he is one of the most challenging and interesting managers on the planet. I hate Chelsea and I hate Arsenal as rivals, but the difference is that I respect Arsene Wenger, whereas I view Avram Grant with suspicion and doubt.

    Arsenal’s priorities in the break should be, as Wenger has said, keeping the team together. Fabregas seems to love his club and I believe he will be happy to become its new heart (and the core of Man U’s future nemesis), but the two things the squad appears to be missing are a leader (you haven’t had a strong captain since Vieira, in my opinion. Nothing against Henry, but I don’t believe in strikers as captains) and a world class target man. The next Van Nistelrooy, Wright, Shearer, Drogba. Someone who scores goals against Champions League Goalkeepers as a career choice. Adebayor has massively exceeded expectations this year, but he never looked natural doing it. Granted, I’m still confused as to how Cristiano Ronaldo has been so proficient from his position (no sarky ‘diver’ comments, please), but that is the picture of our new squad, and it is an adventurous, new way of playing.

    I understand you might not care about what a Man U fan has to say, but on the off-chance you are interested on a different perspective, there it is.

    In all, I wish Arsenal good luck, because it’s a bad day when Chelsea can claim to be the best team in London. So until West Ham can hold onto their players long enough to make a challenge,

    Good Luck Arsenal, and much respect to our second rivals (after the scum scousers, of course. XP)


  7. Max,

    Thanks for the thoughtful perspective. Any and all positive comments are welcome, no matter who you support. I appreciate you reading, especially since I’m not the nicest person toward your team. Hey, at least we agree on Chelsea!

    One thing I keep going back to is that Cesc is only 19 years old.


    If Arsenal supporters just keep the faith I think we’re going to see some very special things from this team and our star.

    Good luck next year, you’re going to need it!

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