Seattle to get Henry?


The rumor mill is working overtime on a story that would see Thierry Henry come to Seattle FC to finish his career.  As much as my first reaction was “holy shit that would be cool!” I really hope this doesn’t happen.

I can’t see what kind of impact he’ll have.  He’s a washed up old striker, who’s French, who relatively few people know and who would be playing on a team full of wannabes.  Did I mention that he’s French?  Americans love the French almost as much as the British love the French!

Yes, he’ll be playing against the best pub league defenders the world has ever seen but his once great ability has looked quite lost since he left Arsenal.  This isn’t the same Henry who terrorized the opposition defenses during Arsenal’s unbeaten run.  Also, his temperament isn’t right for this sort of thing.  This is a man who had a hard time playing with Arsenal’s super kids last year, does he really think he has the patience to play with some of the world’s worst players?  And what kind of service can he expect?  And… never mind, I could go on and on. but I’ll spare you.

It’s a bad move if it’s true.

What the MLS needs is a Flamini on every team not a Beckham on every team.  Someone who will be a solid foundation, a team player, highly skilled, super athletic, and act as the engine of the team.  THEN bring on Henry.

Too bad it looks like MLS is going the route of the NBA; superstars for superstars sake.


  1. Dude, I don’t care how many steps Henry has lost, he would rip into MLS defenses like a pack of wolves mauling an infant. Look what Angel, an over the hill Villa cast-off, has done in New York.

    Henry would score 25 goals/season easy.

    And, no, MLS does not need another Beckham, but Henry is no Beckham. He is a goal scorer, Americans love goal scorers.

  2. I just wonder where will Henry get service? He has become increasingly reliant on good service from the midfield and if he comes to America that service will dry up. Even the great Henry will struggle one-on-one with faster younger defenders.

    Angel is playing alongside Altidore and getting service from Reyna and van den Bergh, who are two of the best midfielders in the MLS. Unless Seattle is prepared to buy a whole team of superstars, I can’t see Henry getting the service he needs.

    Yes, Americans love goal scorers but do they love arrogant, whiny, French goal scorers?

    You have to admit, he’s become quite a primadonna the last few years…

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