it's over

No, not the cold, it’s still dropping below freezing every morning. Which means that every morning I have to get up and scrape the ice off the windshield of my truck.

No! I mean the Adebayor and Bendtner bust up! It’s over! I mean, for us it’s over: for some people in the press there’s plenty of reasons to keep the story alive but for us, this is done. Wenger has stated that we will deal with it internally and the FA is taking no action. Good. I’m going to do my best to forget about it until some Chelsea supporter brings it up again during an FA Cup final or something. You know, he’ll start whining about how poor, precious, fair, Chelsea is being treated unfairly because since they got caught and punished for 1% of their constant infractions Arsenal should be punished for their one infraction. I’m putting this incident behind me until that happens.

There’s precious little going on in Arsenal news this morning and honestly that’s a good thing. Tomorrow we’ve got an FA Cup match between Arsenal and NewcastleOMGKEEGANISBACK. Arsenal’s squad news says that Senderos and Clichy are fit and ready to go. Which is all well and fine, Clichy is great and Senderos is an improvement over Hoyte. But more importantly, Arsenal have Flamini back in the team. If you’ve read this blog more than once you know that I am of the opinion that more than any other player Flamini has been the glue that holds this team together this season. He agrees with me. It will be good to see him back in and providing cover for Cesc.

On the other side, I guess Newcastle is talking about bringing Barton back for this clash. No doubt he’ll get drunk and attack someone after the match. That said, during the match Flamini will outplay him in every way. I am confident.

That’s it as far as news. I will be watching tomorrow’s match at Doyle’s here in Tacoma. There’s a $10 cover charge mandated by Shitanta Sports. So, bring $10, be there at 7am, and let’s see the Arsenal through to the other side! Because if there’s a draw, then the replay will be held during the week of the Blackburn match, which is the match I’m traveling to London to see, which means that the Blackburn match would be rescheduled for that Saturday instead of a Monday night game, and that would require a change in travel plans and probably cost me money. So, it’ll probably be a draw. Sigh…

UPDATE: 11am 1/25/08


Spurs have a commemorative mug, tee-shirt, and DVD available for their semi-final victory over Arsenal. Arsene should buy one of those mugs and use it every day.  Fuck, I think I’m going to go to Tottenham and get one.  How lame is your club when you sell commemorative gear for a semi-final Carling Cup victory?


  1. Yeah It is lame to make those commemorative mugs, that too for winning against a team who hasnt won shit for years together now!! good going mate, enjoy your season!!
    Btw if you have the video for Adebayor fight do post it somewhere, it might be closed for you guys, but we know its freaking brewing..

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