Here’s my blow by blow of yesterday’s match: the little fat girl got the big star jock drunk and jumped his bones. Then the jock guy woke up in a pool of his own vomit and walked out to the bathroom where his buddies had taped polaroids of him and the ugly girl making out on the bathroom window. Also, he’s getting arrested because she was under age. That’s pretty much what happened.

In other words, Jenas, who’s sole talent seems to be scoring against and playing well against Arsenal, had the match of a lifetime; scoring a goal, setting up a few others, controlling the midfield, and outplaying Cesc at every turn. Steed Malbranque, who –to be fair– isn’t even a mediocre player on my XBox, outplayed the entire Arsenal midfield. And Ledley King must have some kind of voodoo over that team because I’ve never seen them defend that well.

On the other side of the field Diaby was abysmal, to the point that he was relegated, along with Gilberto, to central defender at the end of the match. What was up with that move? I guess it made sense, Diaby couldn’t maintain possession on an empty pitch, so you might as well move Gallas up front and put Diaby in the back where the worst he could do is allow 2 goals.

And Cesc, Cesc sucked ass. In fact, the whole midfield was unable to delivery any meaningful service to the front players. But Cesc in particular seemed to have lost the plot. This is now the 5th game in a row that Cesc looked out of sorts. But this one was a particularly poor performance.  I think it’s because he needs the cover of Flamini.  Gilberto just isn’t right for him.  Gio lacks the technical expertise, the heart, the attacking ability, and the stamina to cover the midfield the way Flamini does.  So, when Flamini is out Cesc drops too deep to provide the incisive final passes he used to.  Further, I think there’s an understanding between Flamster and Cesc that is clearly lacking with Gio.  Often in this match Cesc had to turn and dribble away from an opponent when he would normally pass the ball to Flamini.  It’s sad to say it but the Gilberto/Cesc pairing does not work and I blame Gilberto.

And when the strikers did get the ball, they turned it over. Theo and Nicklas are too raw to play together, they need an experienced striker up front to balance them out and serve them tidy passes. And that weakness showed in spades.

So anyway, that was pretty much it. Well, there was a dust-up between Adebayor and Bendtner and the FA is investigating; awesome, both a 5-1 loss and retroactive red card for Bendtner and/or Adebayor (probably just for Ade). The icing on the cake!

But this is just one result and actually not that bad if you think about it. Now Arsenal can concentrate on the league, the FA cup, and the Champions League.

You know what we’re going to do??? Not only are we going to play Newcastle on Saturday, we’re going to play Newcastle on Tuesday, and then go to Manchester City and back home to Blackburn, and AC Milan… And then we’re going to Birmingham City, and Milan and Wigan and Middlesbrough, and then we’re going to London to take back the Premier League Title! Yeaararh!!!


  1. Cesc did alright…not his best, mind – but hardly ‘losing the plot’. I sure as fuck don’t think that shit-eating cock sniffer Jenas outplayed him.

    As a team we sucked, but Cesc, Hleb and Ade did alright.

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