Melo to Arsenal for Eboue Makes a Very, Very, Happy 4th


To all my American readers, happy 4th of July. I hope you all raise a beer and grill a meat in honor of our melting pot of a country and this our 233rd independence day. Also, if you could do me a huge favor and not point bottle rockets at my house, I would really appreciate it. I mean, I’d hate to have to yell at you, then shoot you with my guns, while refusing to quarter British troops…

Anyway, I was just getting to the point in the summer where I resign myself to accepting the fact that Arsenal’s only moves were going to be signing a bunch of players already under contract, like van Persie, Gibbs, Rambo, and Wilshere when all the sudden, like a lightning bolt, Fiorentina’s director Pantaleo Corvino admits on the club web site that they are in negotiations with Arsenal over Felipe Melo, and that, incredibly, they want Eboue thrown in as a makeweight in the transfer.


*blink blink*

Not only that, but, erm, he says they are already negotiating with Eboue over contract terms.


Well… I say why stop there? We’ll give you two Emmanuel’s for the price of one! How about we throw in Emmanuel Adebayor to sweeten the deal? How could you turn down a man who, according to his brochure, is “wifi enabled” and a “tender lover?”

How indeed.

I don’t know about you but this news is cause for celebration! I think I’ll even remove him from the “players who didn’t sign for Arsenal page,” there’s life left in this deal yet!

Speaking of that page, I had some trepidations adding Melo when I did because in the back of my mind I thought that there was the off chance that his extending his contract was basically just his way of paying back his employers for taking a chance on him in the first place — you know, extend his contract and increase his transfer fee sort of thing. Fingers crossed that I was right.

The only other story of any note, and one that’s sure to bring a big ole shiat-eating grin to the face of all Arsenal supporters, is that Ashley Cole is rumored to be going to Real Madrid. You all already know how absolutely perfect that would be if it is true. Cole is probably back to his best form since he disgraced himself to wallow in Rubles at Stamford Bridge and though he, like all Chelsea players, is prone to severe bouts of indiscipline and disrespect for the game the Chelsea supporters have finally taken quite a shine to him. In short, now is exactly the time for ole Cashley to do what he does best; cash in on all that good will and move on to a bigger club and a bigger salary. Who could blame him really, this could be his last chance to play for a club with a real history and a real future, oh and did I mention a bigger salary?

Wow. That’s a good day isn’t it? Arsenal are on the brink of signing that hard nosed midfielder that everyone wants, while throwing in a player who is probably excess to requirements, and Chelsea about to get screwed by Judas for a few pieces of silver.

I’ll raise a Pilsner Urquell to that!

Have a happy and safe 4th, and please, seriously, don’t point those damn bottle rockets at my house, thanks.


  1. Happy 4th July Tim. This is all just breaking news, must be great waking up to this!!

  2. first time i been on this site, the melo news is still uncertain so i wudnnt get ur hopes up. i like eboue personally, he is versatile and yes, he is experienced, losing a player with a great deal of champions league experience could be a blow. if only we threw in the other emmanuel….if only.

  3. Is this a new blog site? I’ve never seen it before. Anyway, if this Melo story is true it would be awesome!

  4. Happy days are here again,God they cant have been watching Pl football the last 12 months.

  5. Happy 4th of July Tim, and yes, a few beers are in the offering but I’ll go with a man’s brew, a strong, vibrant Lager. Red Stripe of course. (LOL)

    Not sure if Melo is really the answer but he will be an upgrade and does provide steel, even if at times he is somewhat overzealous in the tackle and not that technically good on the ground. On the plus side, he can also play the Fab role and could be paired with Song in a 4-2-3-1 when we need to tighten defensively in the latter stages of a game.

    Would hate to see Eboue go however, as he is the only true backup at RB to Sagna, is extremely versatile, has experience and seems to be a very positive influence in the Clubhouse.

    Well, it’s beer o’clock here in the ATL so I need to get started.

  6. Cerbera,

    We’ve been around for nearly two years but just finally got picked up by NewsNow. Is that where you found me?

    Stick around I’m sure you will find that we aren’t a “shit blog” as some haters would say.

  7. I think it would be a huge loss to lose eboue in this deal. I watched the season review last night and aside from Arshavin and Bendtner, eboue was the only player that would actually run at the opposition defences instead of passing the ball and the responsibility to others, a tactic which failed miserably to open up the “park the bus” teams.

    Eboue is also a great stand in player for sagna too, he suffered a dip in form and made some crucial mistakes, that much is obvious, but who didn’t last season? Almunia with ronaldo’s free kick, clichy with that vital slip and more than one bad pass that led to goals, djourou an own goal, silvestre too many to mention, fabregas was guilty of taking too many touches and getting crowded out, denilson, toure and others gave away penalties and were also guilty of giving away vital passes that led to goals, van Persie let his temper get the better of him and was red carded for pushing over a keeper, Adebayor was in a coma all season, Bendtner missed glaring chances, Walcott failed to utilise his much praised pace to open up defenses and his crossing leaves much to be desired.

    My point is we can’t afford to lose anyone in our team, we need to add more certainly but we need to be prepared for a season full of injuries again, we have a fragile young squad and to lose a right back with the quality of eboue would be disastrous if we were to lose sagna again through injury, which is more than likely seeing as we still have teams like Stoke and Birmingham to play against.

  8. @Tim,

    Congratulations, I picked you up on NewsNow this morning.

    BTW, LOCO is a very appropriate name for that shiat. I often wonder what motivates a$$Ho$$s like that to even take the time to read a blog they dislike, much less find the time to even make a comment.

    I f I think a blog is shiat I merely don’t read it.

  9. Oh Loco, simple solution to that, a visitor that is a hater is just as valuable in boosting the ad revenue as we are hehe, keep them coming.

  10. It’s a sad day over this side of the pond, when terrorists freed the new world!!!! lol….happy now we have a good defensive midfielder…now for a class striker….

  11. Actually how does that work, if just visiting site is enough then fine, but if it works only by clicking on the ad then I’ll do that too.

  12. Belfast Gooner, Eduardo, bendtner, Van Persie, Vela, Adebayor plus Walcott I think we have enough attacking options, any more and we’d get the Tevez effect.

  13. It’s too good to be true, I can’t get excited until the deal is done, but it makes a change from reading the same old re-cycled stories. Happy 4th of July to all you Americans, Having experianced 2 4th July’s in the states have a great party! Last time I was there on the 4th July I’m sure the Clearwater bank was robbed!

  14. i fucking love this site!!!!!! i just found it on newsnow and now you can add me to your regular reader list.

    oh and yes ashley cole will always forever remain a cunt without any debate. the filipe melo news is just what i needed to set the mood for the rest of the day i.e get drunk by 7pm and wasted by 4am.

  15. CK, are you the same CaribKid from Arsenal America? Whats happened to AA man? Been out for a couple of months on business travels..

  16. Pilsner, really? i will raise a Pabst to it. Happy fourth and god bless our great nation.

    Have you ever seen Gerrard win the league??

  17. Tim, I personally would’ve preferred that we offer them Sanderos and not Eboue. If we give them Eboue, we will not have any back-up for Sagna should he get injured. That’s my only concern.

    But are you sure that they have already started negotiating with Eboue over contract terms? I read the statement on the Fiorentina website this morning (London Morning). I have just checked again, but I can’t find any piece to suggest that they are talking to Eboue already.

    What I found elsewhere is that they are waiting for Arsenal to agree to their request so that negotiation with the player himself can start.

  18. LRV, I’m pretty sure they are negotiating with Eboue:

    3. – La Fiorentina ha a sua volta proposto alla suddetta società di ridurre il corrispettivo della clausola rescissoria, inserendo nella trattativa il terzino destro Eboue.

    If someone knows Italian they can confirm that above statement. I just used Google Translate and looked on other sites (ESPN,, etc).

    As for backup to Sagna, we still have Toure and don’t be surprised to see a left footer used there, like Traore. People have wondered where Traore would fit in the system with Clichy and Gibbs.

    Maybe he’ll be the utility player that Eboue was.

  19. @Hari,

    Yup, it’s me, the one and only Caribkid from AA. Had to add the 69 because WordPress had that name already and that’s my lucky # (lol).

    The new Board at AA has decided after 10 years to change the format and not do game reviews, etc. They obviously do not care about the faithful who have been the core of their site for many years and did so in a very autocratic manner without consulting any of the faithful.

    Just time to move on.

    I’ve been coming to Tim’s site for many moons now and I like what it offers.

  20. @CaribKid,

    I plan on trying to put a “shout box” on here, like Arseblog and Gunnerblog, it will allow us to chat in “real time.”

  21. Hey Tim,

    Glad to see your getting more readers to your blog.

    Melo looks like he will compliment the team rather well. Hopefully theres some fire below all the smoke!


  22. Happy 4th of July Tim. Travelled to the capital yesterday for some bbq with friends and fireworks. I think I am more excited about the possibility of A.Cole taking a crap on Chelsea so they too can smell the stink that his gargantuan deposit leaves behind. Not so sure about the Melo news. His agent denied it this morning but I guess I would take the news on the Fiorentina website over the agent’s words. Assuming its true for now, I dont think we should be giving up Eboue for this deal. 1) We dont have any backups for Sagna should he pick up a long term injury (you mentioned Toure but Toure at RB has been unconvincing at best) and 2) We dont know if Melo is really the answer for our CDM problems. He’s been impressive but not to the level where he’s blown anyone away with his performance.

    Anyways, off to the bbq. Up the Arsenal!

    1. It’s coming up with some crap, but we can deal with that for now.

      Growing pains dude.

  23. No more pass master or as Alex calls him “Our best player” Best Transfer yet oh yeah plus getting Melo is sweet as well. I cant wait to see Cole at Real with all their spending they may just be good enough to win second place in la liga and make it out of group stage in the UCL

    1. I have had a few brews already, but I am heading out to the great, unknown frontier of party pissing. Have a great 4th and see you guys tomorrow.

      Viva Le Arsenal

  24. Interesting trade and probably smart on Fiorentina’s part. I’d be extrmely delighted if it were 15M and Diaby but I actually think, despite Eboue’s footballing schizoid performances, his versatility is a valuable asset for squad depth. Surely he’s better than Diaby at the very least. However, Arsenal’s spine is much more important right now than what Eboue can offer and it’s a very tempting trade-off. I still remain adamant that Wenger could get Cana for less and with similar or even more effect than Melo, however I don’t sign the cheques.

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