Mystery player trains with Cesc

The Dot Com has released a series of photos featuring Cesc in training with some unknown man in an Arsenal track suit. This raises a couple of questions; who is that guy he’s jogging with? and How much you want to bet that Cesc is picked for the Roma match next Wednesday?


  1. You know it’ a bad signing when a full time blogger like myself gives an injury report (yesterday) and completely forgot he was on the team and on the IL.

  2. i know this sounds silly but for me being a 15 year old can any body plz tell me what are the words of “we are by far the greatest team” i would be really grateful
    plz and thank you

  3. There was an interesting comment the other day about how the Gallas-Silvestre partnership, at international level, is remarkably effective. And how Wenger’s purchase of Silvestre was probably intentional. I, on the other hand, think that Wenger was in Manchester to look at Micah Richards, got him confused with Mikael Silvestre, and Silvestre just followed him home like a dog.

    We love the Arsenal, we do.

  4. LOL….stop chatting crap, you are looking at a champion there, that mystery man cost you less than a million pounds..something that must have pleased tight-wad wenger.

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