7amKickoff has obtained exclusive photos (from the official Arsenal dot com site) of Andrei Arshavin’s ability to defy the laws of gravity. I have o admit that any trepidations I had of this player have literally been lifted away… like a dove, or an eagle, or what’s that other bird he’s compared to?



  1. The real excitement is that during the international Eduardo set up the game winner in the Croatia match. And who says internationals should be sent off. Dare I say Eduardo is Like a new signing


  2. After looking at the Arshavin Pics I have noticed that he can run between sticks, kick a ball twice, and that he stands pigeon toed. Maybe thats the other bird you were going for

  3. ok ive been reading your blog for a while now (awsome job btw) and i have to ask – what does the z in zomg stand for?
    also i like the one where andrey’s holding his arms up in celebration; isn’t he like the only one at the training ground? who could he be bonding with already? denilson? almunia?

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