Bayern again

As predictable as a Jose Mourinho swipe at Arsene Wenger to deflect criticism
a Piers Morgan call for Wenger to be sacked after a loss
a Robben dribble to his left
an Özil headed goal
an Alexis assist
a Xhaka long ball
a Coquelin perfectly timed tackle
an all action Aaron ramsey
a new contract for Arsene Wenger
a new banner from the Wenger out brigade
a mistake by Jenkinson
an injury to Özil or Alexis
a demand to be traded from Jack Wilshere this summer
a smiling Fabregas stabbing a manager in the back
a Charlie Adam tramp stamp
an Andy Carroll header
an Arsene Wenger 70th minute sub
a charge against Chelsea for failing to control their players
or a nuclear holocaust under a Trump administration

Arsenal have drawn Bayern
Another trip to the Bavarian capital
Another chance to gorge on sausages and perfect beers
to walk along the Isar and peer into its crystal clear waters
to play against Robben and Ribery and Lewandowski
to give up three goals in the first leg
to make a valiant comeback in the second leg
to bow out of the Champions League early again?


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