The last day

Look at him laughing at us

This is it Arsene. This is your last day to sign someone before us impatient Arsenal supporters call for your firing and I have to say your chances of staying at Arsenal are not looking too good. It’s not helping that you’re sitting there in some spa in Italy making proclamations like “Nasri, he interests me.” Ok, he interests you, he’s ready to move, everyone speaks French, so what’s the hold up? Or these two dudes that I’ve never heard of… why aren’t you chasing them through dark alleys, pen in hand, forcing them to sign for Arsenal? Huh? WHY AREN’T YOU????

I think the hold up is that in 2011, you’re planning on taking over at PSG. You are clearly distracted by the fact that in some distant future he might be taking over as president of another club. Plus, now that you’ve  been offered a job for life at Arsenal it’s obvious that you have lost interest in putting in the requisite work. A job for life is a curse, like going on welfare, it makes you lazy and unwilling to work. It’s not long now before you’ll be popping out 10 different kids from 10 different moms in order to collect a bigger check.

Robin van Persie Watch

Still injured… but the good news is that he really, really, REALLY wants to injure himself further in Euro 2008. My pub team played yesterday and they won 2-1. I have been nursing an Achilles injury for the last 4 months and just 2 weeks ago pulled my hamstring a bit in my first game back. So, I show up to the match with reservations about playing. And guess what Robin? I didn’t play! I didn’t play because I’m still injured and one more week of slowly getting back into shape to play will mean that I might be able to play the whole season; something you have never been able to do because you keep rushing back into the game. It was hard to sit there and watch the team play. It must be 1000x harder to watch your national team play. But if you hurt yourself you’ll be doing a lot more watching. So, please, for the love of Arsenal, don’t play.

It’s Baaaack!

Following on the heels of the 6+5 debacle, the FA reminded everyone that they too have a stupid idea that they want to force on football fans: the 39th game. There’s a lot of pressure (money) from Asia and America to hold a game on their soil. Already, people here in Seattle pay egregious sums of money to sit in a crappy American Football stadium and watch Chelsea’s second team play bumble ball in some sick approximation of real football. Imagine if Man U could get their hands on the wallets of 120,000 Indian fans and the concomitant world television revenues.

Call it a Premier League Cup, a 39th game, a “dumb idea” whatever you want, it’s just more games for already tired players to cram into their busy world/league/FA cup/Carling Cup/Champions League schedules.

It’s a bad idea for a lot of reasons but for me, I’d hate to see yet another tournament in which Robin van Persie could get injured.

Thierry Henry is pretty much used up at the age of 30 because of all these games. Henry’s already played more games than players like Platini played in their whole careers and theoretically he’s got 4-5 years left in him. He could top 500 appearances any moment now. That’s just wrong.

Am I the only one calling for the players to play less games?

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