Welcome back Mr. Ljungberg

Happy New Year! I hope you all have a great new year and keep all of your resolutions. I was a good boy and didn’t drink at all last night so I feel great this morning. I feel like a million dollars dipped in gold leaf and used as bedding for a harem of beautiful Brazilian women.

So, erm, on with the blog.

First, the team news: Sagna and Gilberto are being rested but Theo and Eboue are back. I was just thinking about Theo the other day and hoping he could rejoin the squad because they need his spark off the bench and they also need his goals off the bench. Maybe Wenger showed him Dudu’s goals from Saturday? “See that, lad, when you have a chance, take it.” Speaking of Dudu, the rumors around are that Arsenal might start Dudu and Ade up front. We’ll see. That 4-4-2 worked pretty well against Everton and Wenger is a big fan of the “if it ain’t broken don’t change it” so I suspect we’ll see two strikers up front today. Although, with no Bentdner or van Persie on the bench Wenger may opt to conserve his strikers and play a lone Ade up front and bring Dudu on for Hleb and Theo on for Eboue.

Hammers are missing that despicable cunt (Bellamy) and Freddy is listed as questionable. I don’t think Freddy would wuss out of this match so if he can pull his boots on he will. And it will be a beautiful standing ovation for him if he does.

I just want to say “Thank You” to Freddie, he was one of the players who made me fall in love with Arsenal. That shock of red hair, the pace, and the boldness and timeliness of his goals were instrumental in cementing the bond between me and Arsenal. The only shame has been watching him slowly break down and fall off in production. We all saw it over the last two years. He’s lost a step, he’s short with his teammates, his shot is off, yet he expected to be played as a regular starter. So, he left. And his injuries have gotten worse and his production is even further off. Which sucks to watch.

In other news, Wenger sees Eduardo as another Robbie Fowler. For me, he’s just like Fowler, with something in his eye, and starting in the league 10 years late.

That’s it folks, first blog over. I have to clear the decks and walk down to Doyle’s to catch the match (which starts in 1/2 an hour).

I’ll finish with “Up the ARSE!”

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