Ok, that's enough


Ok, there, you meathead, you had your, ehh, fun there: you’re staying, you’re going, you’re staying, you’re going.  You’re as mixed up as one of them there Gay Republicans.  Chose one there, Adebayor, Arsenal or Milan.  You can’t be both.

(Ed’s note: Today’s guest columnist is the notoriously “politically incorrect” character Archie Bunker from the famous 70s television show “All In the Family.”  7am kickoff in no way condones the idea that gay people can’t be republicans or vice-versa.  Also, 7am kickoff is tired of reporting on Adebayor, because the situation has become, well… retarded. It’s time to move on, until and when something actually happens.  Like an actual signing, or an actual trade, or SOMETHING ANYTHING GOD PLEASE…)

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