Good buy, Spuds

There’s a trick to taking penalty kicks: get the ball on target.

That’s it, that’s my only trick.  Master that and everything else is gravy.  Too bad for poor Croatia that they couldn’t master that simple trick.  I watched the entire Coatia v. Turkey match as I was home sick and my analysis is

  1. Luca Modric is overrated, undersized, can’t play a lick of defense, and chokes in the clutch.  In short, he’s the perfect Spurs signing.
  2. Tommy Smyth has no clue whatsoever about how the game of football is played. I’ve known this now for years, but he’s usually been relegated to just covering Champions league matches and now it seems like he’s the main announcer for every match in Euro 2008.  Whatever genius in ESPN’s programming department decided that Tommy merited this promotion should be shot to death, resuscitated, and shot to death again.  If I have to hear him say “bulge the old onion bag” one more time, I am seriously going to lose it.  Plus?  I don’t need Tommy Smyth telling me what is and isn’t a foul, especially when the same foul is committed on both ends of the pitch and he sees it two different ways.
  3. Slaven Bilic has always been a diving cheater and cheaters never prosper — except Ronaldo, who stands to prosper quite handsomely.

I can’t wait to see Germany utterly dismantle Turkey.  I don’t think Turkey can even field 11 players due to all the suspensions that they have coming.  I know that everyone is picking Holland to win, and who doesn’t like a team that has more vans than a skate shop?  But I think the Germans are the team to beat.  They are just too damn big, tough, organized, oh and they have learned to dive.  When I saw the 6’4″, 200+ lb,  Metzelder drop faster than Britney Spears’ panties after he got touched in the face, I knew that the Germans were working on something really special.  They are my favorite team of the tournament so far.

There’s No News Like Arsenal News

Today, Arsenal aren’t buying Diogo, nor are they buying Eto’o, which brings the reporters up to the “E’s” in Arsenal’s alphabetical non-pursuit of every player in the world.  Up next, denials that Frings is coming to the team.

Silly season is in full swing, folks.

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