The course is set, the wind is good, unfurl the jib!

I have decided what course the blog will take this summer.  The blog will be the same truculent take on the press, other blogs, pundits, and fans.  I will also “report” on transfer news but only whenever verifiable information can be obtained.  I will continue providing analysis of the “big stuff” like the 39th game proposal, the FA’s conduct program, and the effect of big money in the EPL.  And this year, I will try (TRY is the operative word) to watch some Colorado Rapids games and report on the team a little bit.


Well, the Rapids are the MLS “sister” team to Arsenal and I often criticize the MLS so I kinda figured I ought to at least watch some of what I criticize.  Besides if it’s football and I watch it, you hear about it — as you no doubt know by now.  The Rapids are currently top of their division and it looks like I might be able to watch my first Rapids game on Thursday at 6:30pm local time. I’m sooo excited…

There will also be a major change of the web site this summer so look for that.

So, sit back and relax — the summer course is set.


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