Amazing Theo, how sweet the sound…

Theo Walcott blazing past some helpless defenders

Looks like Theo Walcott is set to be England’s newest wunderkind/press target.

After Saturday’s amazing run the press went on an amazing run of their own and printed a spate of gushing news stories which culminated in some juicy quotes from England manager Fabio Capello.

I was delighted with the impact that Theo Walcott made on the game – the run he made for Arsenal’s second goal was incredible. To go past so many players with such speed and balance is one thing, but to have the composure and awareness to pick a pass at the crucial moment showed great skill and maturity. There can be no disputing Walcott’s ability.

I agree. He will be great on Arsenal’s right wing next year and maybe in 2 years play up front. What? I know. I hate Eboue too but I just don’t see the manager making a change on Sunday. Here’s why:

  1. Eboue and Toure are a horrible attacking team on the right wing, but they are a great defensive squad. Who better to play on the right side in order to shut down Man U’s singularity of greatness?
  2. For all of Theo’s great offensive capabilities, he doesn’t defend very well. I know, a striker doesn’t do much defending but a wing player does.
  3. Eboue has shut down Ronaldo before, multiple times. Remember last year? That image of Ronaldo screaming at Eboue while he tried to act tough will be forever burned into my brain. Eboue gets under Ronaldo’s skin, harasses him, pisses him off, and has the pace and defensive acumen to keep up with Ronaldo. I hate the fucker but he has been very effective against Ronaldo.
  4. Wenger. Wenger isn’t the kind of guy who will change game plans and right now, the plan is to use Theo as an impact player. Steady, pig headed, whatever you call it, that’s our manager.

So, as amazing a run as that was on Saturday, and I honestly put it up there with the 1989 Anfield title capturing run, I think we should all expect to see Eboue on the wing on Sunday.

And I hope he gives them hell. What’s the worst that could happen? He gets a red card? That would be a blessing.

Speaking of red cards… there is ONE source stating that the FA is looking to increase bans to 6 matches, allow post match sanctions for players who escaped a red card, and clear players who have been wrongly carded. This is all well and fine and logical and smart and sensible if it’s true.


For those of you who are recent converts or who just want to bask in the glory that is Arsene Wenger’s record against Man U, here’s a great article that matches the two head to head in several different categories. I’m not exactly certain what “Top Trumps” are but I think it’s some kind of card game?  Like “Magic the Gathering” for sports nerds?

Finally, in team news, you no doubt know by now that Flamini will be out for 3 weeks due to the intentional raking of his Achilles by Gerrard.  The Rock of Gilberto will take his place.  I have to say that Gilberto is a great guy.  To lose both his starting spot and the captain’s armband in the same season and to be the professional he has been is pretty darned cool.

Oh yeah, Cesc and Ade are shortlisted for Ronaldo’s PFA award.

Until tomorrow.

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