van Persie to score a baker's dozen

Robin van Persie has been included in the 18 man lineup ahead of tomorrow’s match against Liverpool.  No doubt he’ll score 13 goals tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it had been revealed that Rosicky has a “knee problem” that has been keeping him out since January and may keep him out until next season.  According to the Czech team doctor Rosicky can jog for long periods of time but he can’t sprint.  Let’s see, knee, mystery injury, pain on jogging, long healing time…  sounds like a partial tear of one of the ligaments in his knee.  I currently have a partial tear of my Achilles and I can attest that this is very tricky.  You don’t want to rush things.  IF (I’m not his doctor) it is a partial tear, the chances are pretty good that he’ll finish the tear off next year.

Which would suck.

So, I don’t expect to see any changes for tomorrow even though Arsenal are really struggling to find goals right now.  I mean, it’s not like Wenger has anyone he can put in to break the goal drought.  Oh wait, you think it’s not a goal drought?

In the last 11 matches Arsenal have scored only 12 goals.  Up until that point, they were averaging over 2 goals per game.  That’s nearly a 50% decrease in the goals for average.  That’s a goal drought.  The casual observer might not see it as such because they are still scoring goals, but no team can take a 50% hit in goals and still win games.

Especially since in that same stretch they have conceded 14 goals.  Which is a 50% increase in their goals against average.

Tomorrow would be a great time to get back to their average.

Until then.

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