It's going to be a tight game: get over it

Yesterday, Cesc allowed himself a little moan about the tactics employed by Liverpool.

I honestly don’t understand what he’s complaining about. Liverpool set out a game plan and executed it. What did you expect them to do? Come out and play the way YOU want them to play?

They defend very well and at 1-1, I think all they will want to do is defend and try to catch us on the break. We have to stick to our policy of playing football, attacking and trying to create opportunities. Just because the other team refuses to play doesn’t mean we have to do the same thing. We want to stick to our football and that’s what we will do.

“They defend very well.” Yes, yes they do. “Try to catch us on the break.” Yes, yes they did. “Refuses to play?” Hardly.

The entire footballing world knew that Liverpool were going to play counterattacking football. I’m sure Arsene prepared the team for counterattacking football. The facts of the two matches proves that given all the knowledge in the world about what tactics Liverpool were going to employ, ARSENAL could not overcome Liverpool. Thus, it has to be said that Liverpool’s tactics were the correct tactics and I fully expect them to play the exact same way on Tuesday. Whining that Liverpool didn’t play the way you wanted them to is frankly embarassing.

I wish Cesc would just let his game speak for itself instead of complaining to the press, because in this case, he just looks foolish.

On Tuesday, Liverpool will play a 4-2-3-1. There will be 4 traditional defenders, 2 holding midfielders, 3 attacking midfielders, and 1 lone striker. The whole planet knows that this is the formation that Liverpool will be playing. Arsenal, on the other hand, must answer some questions about their own formation; will they play the 4-4-2 of Wednesday or the bizarre formation they switched to when Walcott came on?

Personally, I’d like to see Wenger mimic Liverpool here with 2 holding midfielders. Gilberto looked pretty solid yesterday and a pairing of him with Flamini marking Gerrard and Torres respectively might be a bit bold, but would provide the defensive stability the team really needs right now. Behind Flamini and Gilberto I’d have a back 4 with Toure, Senderos, Gallas, and Clichy.

On the other end of the pitch, I would like to see Cesc in the link up role with Hleb and Walcott on the sides and Adebayor up front.

Yep I’m calling for a 4-2-1-2-1.

Stability at back, attack up front, dropping Eboue, and a defensive posture with attacking options.  Yep, I’m suggesting a single midfielder.  Liverpool are playing without a midfield, why should Arsenal?

Of course, I’m just some internet nerd. Wenger will do what Wenger thinks is best.

Soeaking of which, Arsenal are again being linked with Quaresma. £5m would be cheap for a flair player like him, but he’s not going to help this team. He’s a dribbler and a passer; the LAST thing Arsenal need right now. After watching a few videos of Quaresma I suspect Arsenal fans would be just as frustrated with him as we are with Hleb. Wenger needs a scoring winger like Ronaldo or Pires and less guys who dribble and pass like Hleb. Except not like Ronaldo because he’s a cunt.

That’s pretty much it.

Boro got a draw against Man U which will spur a metric shit-ton of comments about how “Arsenal are still in it” but really, the result only helps Chelsea. If Man U loses to Arsenal and Chelsea, Chelsea goes in front and Arsenal stays in third and needs 4 points to go clear of Chelsea. Which means Chelsea would need to lose or draw two matches. This is a possibility because Chelsea will face both Everton and a resurgent Newcastle away. But that would just move Man U back to the top. So Arsenal need a result from Man U’s opposition: Wigan, Blackburn, and West Ham.

I rather like Man U’s odds. Especially since Arsenal can’t seem to get a single win in a row, much less 5.

Anyway, ’till tomorrow.

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