Have no fear, Captain Gallas is here!

William Gallas is ready to get down to business and he’s doing it in the one way that most makes sense during a title run-in; by making a press statement. Here’s his statement in full:

I’ll tell you why there was a difference between the win in Milan and our next game. It was in the head. It is human nature that after a huge game in Europe it is difficult to find the same level of motivation for the following game. The fact is, what we needed was an even higher level than we had in Milan. We all have to understand that and we have to understand it quickly — because time is running out for us this season.

We need to understand what it takes to become champions if we want that trophy. I’m not saying we’re in trouble but we have lost our lead. So from now on we just have to think about ourselves, not look at the table any more. And we have to win every game. We need to have a high level of motivation from now until the end of the season. We have to give 200 per cent.

YES! I knew Gallas would be a great captain…

Two weeks too late.

I suspect that Wenger gave Gallas the captaincy in order to tame a problem child. And in some ways it worked: he brought the team together in a way that Gilberto couldn’t do. As he grew into that position he seemed to be a real leader on and off the pitch.

But as the pressure mounted, he seemed to lose his way. He started lashing out at players (I have noticed several arguments with Flamini over the last few weeks), then he threw a huge, public tantrum. That tantrum represents the nadir of the season for the club and the captain. Since then he seems to have gone into a shell: and the last two weeks, I have to say, Flamini looked to be motivating this team. In fact, Flamini said almost the exact same things in Gallas’ quote from yesterday — LAST WEEK.

And I have to say, coming from a man who plays every match 200%, who leaves everything on the pitch, I feel reassured. But when William Gallas repeats the same thing a week later, and after several poor displays on his part, I feel 100% less reassured.

I’m this [] close to calling for stripping Gallas of his captaincy: damn the consequences.

Anyway, enough of that.

Good News Everyone! Barcelona wants Eboue! I say yes, but only in a straight up exchange for Lionel Messi. What? That has as much chance of happening as any team taking Eboue off our hands so why not?

Also Good News! Martin Taylor is back! You might remember him, he’s the stand-up young man who had his career threatened when Eduardo’s leg broke itself on Taylor’s foot. If only Eduardo hadn’t been so quick… or on the pitch at all… this tragedy to Taylor could have been avoided. I mean, look at him, he’s not even starting for Birmingham, he’s playing for their reserves squad. Meanwhile that attention whore Eduardo showed up at the Middlesbrough match in crutches and a little pink outfit. How dare he mock Taylor like that while he’s still serving his 3 MATCH BAN??? God, Arsenal are such, such, cunts.

Sunday is being billed as “super Sunday” as Man U and Liverpool face off and Chelsea and Arsenal, erm, face off too. Yay! Another round of 1-1 draws that are hyped to the gills!

Oh yeah, is it St. Patrick’s day or not? I really don’t care since I’m not Irish, Catholic, an American who claims to be Irish, or an amateur alcoholic (I’m a professional alcoholic thank you very much) but I heard some crapola about it being moved to Saturday, so I’m just wondering. I suspect that was just a marketing ploy by the Guinness brewing company but I wanted to be sure I was wishing folks happy day on the actual day of the happiness.

So… uhh… anyway, happy Nationalist Saint’s day for a nation of people that America despised for hundreds of years but who we pretend to embrace with fake holidays and non-traditional food!

Americans are funny about this stuff. For example, I identify as 1/2 Scottish, 1/4 English and 1/4 French. Why does it matter to Americans? I suspect that since we have no real history and are a nation of immigrants we like to glom on to something larger than ourselves. I say that we should just enjoy being Americans. Which means celebrating St. Patrick’s day by packing yourself into the local Irish pub and drinking green beer with a bunch of other amateurs until you start puking. Also, eat some corned beef, it’s “traditional.”

That’s all I can stomach. Until tomorrow.

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