Arsenal draws Liverpool

gerrardI have to admit that the prospect of playing Liverpool three times in a week was exactly what I was hoping for…

NO IT WASN’T, I didn’t even look at the schedule…

And now I have…

And it’s a doozy.

Lesse, how about Chelsea away, Bolton away, Liverpool at home (CL), Liverpool at Home, Liverpool away (CL), and Man U away? Two top four teams away and a UEFA cup team thrice. That’s going to be fucking murder.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also point out that if Arsenal beat Liverpool and Chelsea beat Fenewhocares then Arsenal will have a home and away with Chelsea right after the Man U match.

And that’s it. The full force of the season is now upon the Arsenal boys. Make or break, do or die, put up or shut up. And it all starts with Boro at home tomorrow.

Up the Arse!

P.S.  I just spent the last hour trying to fit that picture in there and since I’m using the free version of wordpress, I’m not able to manipulate the CSS. I guess I’ll just have to transfer this site to its own domain!  Soon.

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