I write these blogs before 7am on most mornings, you know.  And days like today are really difficult.  First off, the time change is kicking my ass.  For some unknown reason I wanted to go to bed at 8pm last night and when the alarm went off at 5, I didn’t want to get up.  It’s 4am for fuck’s sake… Plus, it’s Tuesday and Arsenal don’t have a mid-week match and no one was tackled to death on Sunday so there’s not even any controversy to report.

I guess there’s some controversy.  Coming of the high of their famous win at Newcastle, Fernando Torres reckons that Steven Gerrard is “the best player in the world.” I realize that you are contractually required to jerk him off in public, Torres, but can you do it in a little subtler way?  No one seriously thinks he’s the best player on Liverpool, much less the EPL and the world.  Steven Gerrard returned the favor replying that “Torres is correct… I am the best player in the world, because foreigners suck.”

Arseblog is reporting that AC Milan want Flamini.  No.  Nothing more than a rumor.  I doubt that Wenger is going to break up what he’s hailed, just today, as the best midfield partnership he’s ever worked with.  Plus, at some point my kit buying curse has to be lifted.  What better time than now?

Speaking of Cesc, he wants to face Barcelona in the Champions League final.  Cool.  First we have to get past Man U.  I just know that Arsenal are drawing them.  I roasted a whole chicken last week and Man U was in the bones.  Yes, it was a sour chicken that complained about the overly physical way that I treated it.  In fact, it compared me to Martin Taylor.  “The real victim?” I said.

And finally, Wenger hails the return of van Persie.  Me too.  Now get a goal — or eleventy.

And that’s that.  Hey look, I turned that sows ear into a purse!  Ok, now it’s time to go to work.  Until tomorrow.

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