points dropped

What can you really say?  I could blame the pitch, I guess, but every team has their advantages and Wigan’s pitch is theirs.  What a poor surface like that does is limit the legitimate chances that either team get at goal.  My favorite instance was when Bendtner got the ball, pushed it around the defender, looked up to put in the perfect cross and the ball had bobbled up three feet in the air and of course the cross was put in off his shin and no where near an Arsenal player.

All that is to say that when you get a legitimate scoring chance on a pitch like that, it’s so much more important that you put the ball in the net.   I thought that Arsenal defended well, controlled the midfield, and created the most enticing chances, but then they reverted to last season’s form and just couldn’t put it away.

I think some supporters are in danger of overreacting to this one match.  Calling for Wenger to buy someone?  Now?  I’m rolling my eyes at you.  Yes, Man U now has a match in hand.  Yes, that means 2 wins for them and 1 win for us means that they will be a point ahead.  So?  What are you going to do?  Wring your hands?  Gnash your teeth?  None of that will bring back the dropped points.  So, you might as well start the process of “getting over it.”  The rest of us would be grateful.

Anyway, there’s not much to report.  So I’ll leave it at that.  Until tomorrow, whatever you do, RELAX.

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