all aboard the failboat!

Well, I just spent the last two hours looking at match reports and combing through Football stats sights and I can’t for the life of me find a breakdown of formations that Arsenal has used. So, there will be no breakdown of and comparison of the relative success of the 4-5-1.

The closest thing I could find is the Telegraph’s breakdown. They show formations and loads of other cool stats (like balls won, etc.) but they only show the last 4 matches. If any of you can find formation information I’d be eternally grateful.

The only news stories today are more fallout from Wenger’s Friday press conference. I guess his comments about winning the “right” way and not “killing” your opponent because needing to do so shows a lack of self belief were aimed at Mad Mourinho. Well, DUH! Mourninho is possibly the least self assured person in the history of the EPL. I mean, we’re talking about a man who claimed the Charity Shield amongst his “5” trophies, which is the moral equivalent of Hillary Clinton claiming Florida in the win column.

I think Wenger should just ignore Mourinho and keep doing what we do: winning trophies by playing football the way we want to play football. I kind of think of Arsenal as the only Punk team in the EPL. They play football their way, on the cheap, and with a sort of attitude. It’s quite the time to be an Arsenal supporter. Let’s do the double and shove the trophies up the holes of the detractors in the press and the retarded Man U supporters.

Speaking of which… Pomparsenal beat Man U 1-0 in the FA Cup this morning and on a penalty kick no less. The apoplectic reaction of the Man U fans at the temerity of the referee to award a penalty against their glory glory man united was quite a spectacle. It’s even better that they are foaming at the mouth about an opponent “diving:” classic Man U.

Hey, I wonder if the press will say this is the downfall of Man U and that they’ll never win the title after today’s “devastating” defeat?

I doubt it.

What with Funguscunt pulling the press’ strings.

Anyway, Wigan away tomorrow and already there’s some crowing about the condition of the “pitch” at the JJB. I’d hate to see Arsenal take their eye off the ball now and see a repeat of the Sheffield United match of two seasons ago. Wigan’s a sort of similar team full of overly physical assholes and now with their pitch in utter disrepair I predict a physical battle all the way.

Fingers crossed: here’s to 3 points tomorrow.

CYA then…

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