AC Milan v. Arsenal preview

Good Monday morning.  Oh come on…  it’s actually not that bad of a Monday is it?   OK, maybe I’m just suspiciously upbeat because my 5 day cold is fading.  I have to admit that it feels pretty darned good to be only “somewhat sick” for the first time in almost a week.

Look, here’s a great story: Arsene Wenger promises not to be a bunch of shit-kickers.  In fact, he’s told us that he’s going to play a zone around Kaka instead of man-on-shit.   Yay.  So, when Arsenal complain about getting kicked Arsenal means they also don’t like kicking people?  WHAT ABOUT THE 72 RED CARDS???

You want more good news?  The return of the Saviour!  Robin van Persie is on his way back!  Are you sure he’s 24?  Jesus, in that picture he’s got more grey hair than me!  Maybe that’s what happens when you get kicked all the time?

Back to the good news…  Lee Dixon is picking Arsenal to win! He thinks that because we held Milan to a 0-0 draw, they have to attack, and we’re a good counter attacking team therefore, we’ve got a good chance; unless they score first, then we’re fucked.  But then again, Milan are banjaxed.   So, he’s picking Arsenal!  Me too.  I think they’re going to win tomorrow too.  By win I mean 1-1 draw, or maybe even 2-2.

Either way it should be a famous match too bad I can’t watch it live (sad face).  Alas, work calls!  But never fear, I have asked Doyle’s to record the match for me and I promise to keep my head out of the internet until I get to watch the replay.  So it will be “live” for me!

OK, that’s it, look for a team breakdown tomorrow!

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