Good morning, from my last morning in London. I’d love to talk about what I did last night but it was rather boring and I have a flight to catch. So, I’ll just get to it.

It would be too easy to take a whole post and “have a moan” about the way Adebayor played yesterday. From section 113, row 23, seat 615 it would be easy to say that he looked like utter shit and I think I can understand more why some people have put a target on Ade’s back.

But no. There’s no need to get down on anyone on the squad. They are 5 points clear of United, tied on goal differential, and winning matches when they are down to bare bones and not playing well. Now is the time to celebrate our players, not get down on them just because they aren’t perfect. After the last two seasons of “beautiful football” I think most of us have said “I’d rather win ugly than lose beautiful.” And that’s what happened last night; they won ugly. Real ugly. We should celebrate every win as they are one step closer to getting the title back to North London.

Speaking of ugly, who designed Emirates Stadium? Because American football venues could learn a thing or 300 about designing a stadium from that person. My seats were so high on the second level I was in what most Americans would call “nose bleeds.” Yet I paid a premium for those seats, why? Because the view was incredible. I don’t know how to describe it except to say that compared to the same seats in the Seattle Seahawks stadium I felt as though I was right on top of the action and yet able to see the whole pitch when needed. It’s like one of those optical illusions; not the “magic eye” thing where you stare at a fuzzy picture and a sailboat appears, more like “which of these two lines is longer” kind of puzzle except both lines are exactly the same size.

My only beef is that I thought you weren’t allowed to bring “professional” camera equipment and so I left mine back at the hotel. Yet there was a guy with a 300mm ‘L’ series Canon lens. DAMNIT. Next time, I’m getting a pocket camera and that way I don’t have to worry about anything. All things in life can be solved with a pocket camera.

For example, I think Adebayor had a pocket camera when he scored his 12th goal in 9 matches. I know Flamini had a pocket camera as he tackled, scrambled, kicked, and clawed his way to man of the match. I’m not just saying that because I had my Flamini shirt on last night. I mean, he had to be man of the match. He put in an inspired performance on a cold and uninspired night.

And there you have it. 3 points on a cold and uninspired night and well worth every penny for the trip over. Until tomorrow.

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