I felt the pain down in Africa

The Kickoff is running a bit late today because, because, uhhh, no reason.  I mean there isn’t much going on today: Man-U beat Spuds 3-1, Citeh is playing our old foe Sheffield United at United and are down 2-0, and everyone else is away in Africa. So who cares what time I make a Sunday post about something as trivial as injuries and bribery?

Yes, it’s true.  Toure is injured.   How badly we aren’t sure, but it’s a groin strain and those can be very tricky.  Fingers crossed that he gets back home to Arsenal’s trainers and that they can sort him out and get him 100% for the end of season push.  Fortunately, Senderos is starting to show top form.  Unfortunately, Senderos is no Toure.  Let’s hope we get him back soon because we need his leadership, drive, and partnership with Gallas.

Other exciting news out of Africa is that there is confirmation that Namibia was offered a bribe to throw a match.  Sweet!  Sending our players off to get injured in a corrupt tournament! I’m seriously disliking this tournament more and more.

Arsenal are being linked with Micah Richards and I suspect that link will only strengthen on news that Toure is down for an unknown amount of time.  Honestly, I don’t put too much weight in this rumor.  Richards is a fine player but he’s very raw and very English: and £20m is being bandied about.  Only and English player could command that type of transfer fee and I can’t see Wenger paying that much for him.

Citeh just got a goal back.  Yay.  Wow, it’s been what, 2 years?  And Sheffield United’s pitch still looks like utter shit, don’t they have a greens keeper for that shit hole?

All right, I’m off to practice.  Until tomorrow Kickers.

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