quick as a whip

Must be quick this morning as I have to run out to Doyle’s to catch the match.  So, there will be a short blog now and a match breakdown around 10am my time.  I actually think that format will fit really well for me on match days; since they can be played at 5 to 9 am local time.

But today is a 7am Kickoff and the news is that Toure pulled a groin muscle in the ACN.  He was having a hell of a game too, real shame.   Finger’s crossed that he isn’t hurt too bad.

The other news isn’t much of a shock and is something many of us have been saying Arsenal should do all season: Wenger is going to focus on the Premier league and the Champions league.  Good.  He’s set two goals, both of them lofty but achievable, and now the lads have a finish line to achieve.

This doesn’t mean you should expect a crappy performance today.  In fact, I think the boys will be smarting after defeat at the hands of Hotspuds.  So, I do expect a lively performance.

Early news is reporting that Theo is in the starting lineup… and so is Jens Lehmann.  Uhh, this should be good.  Or it will be bad.  Either way, no draws please.

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